Still Not Satisfied With Your College Dorm?

Posted September 23, 2012 by in Home

Alright, so you’ve been at school for about a month now. At this point you should have made a few friends, learned your schedule and written a paper or two. If you still don’t feel settled in, it could be because your home away from home is still a tad empty and impersonal. How many people do you know with a cool dorm room? Not many, Broke & Chic recently found two companies that could change that!

 1. gLaM-a-Peel

You don’t have to be in college to make these gems apart of your personal space! Get this…they’re stick-on headboards that won’t damage the wall…WHAT! They’re also fully repositionable and removable up to 100 times! According to their website:

It feels like silk and looks like paint on the wall.

 These amazing stick-on headboards cost about $164.00 but lucky for you all, gLaM-a-PeeL  is offering our readers a 20% discount until March 10, 2013! All you have to do is use the code chic20 during checkout.

*During checkout on the “coupon or gift certificate” link in blue enter the code chic20 in the box, it is case sensitive. Once entered click the little red arrow and it will adjust the price to a 20% discount!

If you end up sprucing up your dorm or bedroom with a gLaM-a-PeeL headboard submit your photos to [email protected] for a possible feature!

2. Scout by Bungalow

We’re girls meaning we’re all secretly makeup and accessory hoarders. This company has the most adorable and feminine collapsible storage bins. I happen to have two. One that holds my towels in the bathroom and another that holds all my beauty samples from Birchbox and Glossy Box! Since they come in fun patterns, they’re another great way to decorate.

Each of their Hang 10 bins cost between $17-$23!

Think you did a good job of decorating your space on a budget? Submit your photos to [email protected]!