Street Art—the Latest Trend in Home Decor

Posted June 4, 2021 by in Decor

An armed policeman peeks out from the back of the sofa. The kitchen looks like Disneyland, not to mention the bathroom: a very colorful skatepark in all respects. A little further on, in the room, is the zoo: rats on motorbikes parade on the dresser. 

Please don’t disturb the monkeys – they listen to secluded music. The latest trend in home decor also lands in Europe now: AAA is looking for a street artist to paint the walls of the house! Opening the doors of the house to street art is a fashion born in New York that is also spreading in Europe, starting from the capitals that are most attentive to news in terms of design. 

And Milan is in the front row for Italy. In practice, the homeowners commission a mural from their favorite writer, asking him to decorate the entire room (or more than one) with his art.

Living room, bedroom or the bathroom

Whether it’s the living room, the bedroom or the bathroom, little changes. Wallpaper is increasingly obsolete, in its place people prefer to open the doors of the house to street art, making it rise a few floors higher up to sneak between the warm walls of the house. Sweetening some niches in the apartment, such as the playroom for the little ones. Or by mixing modern furniture with colorful hues in the other corners of the house.

In New York, in particular, graffiti is especially required to decorate the large brick walls of industrial lofts, in black and white for the most elegant environments, or with a range of colors for the more informal ones.

There is something for all tastes. Among the most popular artists for interior decorations is the Parisian Régis Sénèque, who delights in optical illusions and three-dimensional figures, creating a completely surreal atmosphere. 

In our house, however, the designer Gunilla Zamboni, aka Gupica, must certainly be mentioned, able to transform your home into an enchanted forest, in the true sense of the word. Maybe hosted by Bansky’s favorites to get to know graffiti styles

Everywhere we turn, we see colorful drawings: the streets have become the new canvases: in every part of the world, street artists decide to color the cities with their drawings. These are often provocative and over the top images with which some of them denounce certain contradictions of society.

Jorit, Banksy, Obey: today the social protest passes through the walls. Before being a style of furniture, street art is an artistic movement of great cultural value. Let’s find out more.

Origins and history of street art

It was the early 8th years when, first in England and then in America, the streets were covered with the first, newborn, form of street art: the tags. Real signatures, anonymous, left by young dissidents in the most unthinkable points. Metro stops and even the trains themselves were full of these symbols of rebellion. Wallpapering the city with their pseudonyms was a way to emerge, in a society that did not give them the right space.

Street art was born from these first forms of artistic rebellion, a movement that makes design and free use one of its cornerstones. For street artists, art belongs to everyone, everyone has the right to enjoy it without necessarily having to enter a museum. 

How nice would it be if you could bring street art into your homes? Yes, because it is now also a style of furniture. Here are 5 tips for a home that is a true work of art.