Stress Relief for Workers: Investing in a Cryotherapy Machine

Posted September 15, 2020 by in Career

When you hear the word cryotherapy machine, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is the treatment for warts. While it is true that cryotherapy is used for warts, what you may not know is that it is emerging as a new and exciting treatment for many other ailments.

A major cause of stress is associated with our experience at work and is linked with numerous health issues. In this article, you will learn about the benefits of cryotherapy and its connection to stress relief. We will also give you some tips on what to consider when buying a cryotherapy machine.

Wherever you’re positioned in the market, you will find the benefits of a cryotherapy machine captivating.

Cryotherapy Demystified

The word ‘cryo’ comes from the Latinized Greek word ‘Kryos’ meaning ‘icy cold,’ Therefore cryotherapy is any kind of treatment that involves using freezing or near-freezing temperatures.

Cryotherapy can focus on one small part of the body, as in the case of treatments for warts, or, it can be more globalized and treat the whole body. Cryotherapy uses a machine that is a little bit like a standup suntanning machine, but instead of warmth, there is freezing cold.

Exposure to these extreme temperatures is only brief, usually just a few minutes depending on the treatment. The experience of receiving cryotherapy can be uncomfortable at first due to the extreme cold. As people are repeatedly exposed to the therapy, they find they’re able to adjust.

Cryotherapy as a Physiological Trigger For Healing

So what happens to the body during cryotherapy? When used for warts it is akin to a surgical knife. When it used as a healing or preventative therapy, the physiological effect is completely different.

The process of cooling the body to an extreme then triggers a reaction in the body that tries to preserve body heat at the body’s core. This means blood vessels narrow and restricts blood flow, thus preserving heat at the core, and preventing its loss from peripheral organs like the skin. This is called vasoconstriction and is sometimes induced medically when treating certain disorders.

When the therapy period is finished, the opposite happens within the body. Something called vasodilation occurs where the blood vessels widen again, and blood flow increases to peripheral organs. This change within the body activates a neuromuscular response and effects blood pressure.

These changes within the neuro-vascular system affect the whole body and trigger positive and healthful processes within the body.

Potential Benefits of Treatment

The first thing to understand about cryotherapy and its potential benefits is that this form of therapy is still relatively new, and although many report these benefits it isn’t certain that everyone will benefit in the same way. Some of the literature is mixed in terms of whether cryotherapy does or does not help in specific medical conditions. Against this backdrop of developing literature, it can be said that cryotherapy has helped some with the following conditions.


This is a condition that is still not thoroughly understood in itself. Some mechanisms are thought to relate to blood flow.

Therefore it may come as no surprise that some report cryotherapy as helping improve their symptoms. It seems that these treatments are more focused on the neck than adopting a more global delivery method.

Stress and Anxiety

Some research has shown that people with anxiety and depression reported a reduction in symptoms by as much as 50 percent when receiving cryotherapy. This was a lot more than the control group. Stress is known to be a hormonal trigger for higher blood pressure, and so one can see the potential benefits of cryotherapy for this group of users.

Of course, identifying the underlying cause of stress and working to reduce that, is the most effective treatment for stress. Yet, cryotherapy has the potential to be included as a mechanism for stress relief, much like exercise and other beneficial activities.

Pain Relief

This is another area of usage that holds promise. Again, the literature is mixed on the subject, but the basic mechanism is akin to using an ice pack on a sore muscle. Post application, the surge of blood flow to the affected area promotes healing and recovery, as well as pain relief.

Buying a Cryotherapy Machine – Considerations

Do your research first about what the market offers. Make sure you buy a new machine rather than a second hand one. This way, you can rest easy that it is fully functional and doesn’t pose any risk to the user.

It is wise to make sure you have a full warranty for as long as possible. There are lots of options for buying cryotherapy machines overseas.

It is sensible to consider what will happen if the machine needs repairs. So either buy local or at the very least investigate what the repair process will be, should there be a problem.

Ready to Invest?

In this article, you have read some of the basics of cryotherapy and the benefits of using a cryotherapy machine. It is exciting to think about future developments in this technology and the growing research base. There are plenty of options in buying one of these machines but keep in mind the tips you have read in this article.

Are you ready to invest in one of these machines? You certainly have made a good start in developing your knowledge base. You can continue to read more about cutting edge health trends on our blog that fit with your lifestyle.