Struggling to Get Employed? 4 Tips That Can Help

Posted October 18, 2021 by in Career

Everyone knows how stressful it can be when you’re unemployed. You’re never sure whether this opportunity will be the one, and you worry about the possible interview questions that can trip you up. You want to tell yourself it’s not you, but you are still concerned that this is the case. Still, you might not know how to change this, which makes you worry even more that you’ll never get a job. If this sounds familiar, here are four tips to help you get employed:

infographic on how to get a job when unemployed.

Improve Your Resume 

Too many people use the same resume they have had since they had their first job. If you know you’re guilty of this, you can understand why recruiters consider it a bad resume and often throw it in the trash before even reading through it. Your resume (along with your cover letter) is your first chance to sell yourself and your skills to employers, so you must make it as attractive as possible. Fix the formatting, remove irrelevant information (such as your first, brief weekend job), and instead focus on the skills you can bring to the company.

Clean Up Your Socials

Everyone is guilty of posting something stupid on social media. You were young, foolish, and you didn’t understand how powerful the internet would turn out to be in 15 years. These posts and pictures might not seem a huge deal – and you may have forgotten about them – but if an employer stumbles across them, it can affect networking and other opportunities. You don’t want to give any recruiter an excuse to reject your application, so trawl through your social media accounts and remove anything that could make you look unprofessional. 

Fix Your Past 

It’s no secret that people with a criminal history can struggle to gain employment, and this can create a negative cycle of reoffending because the opportunities are not available to them. Employers may be seeing information about your criminal history and dismissing your application immediately, no matter how much you have grown and changed. If this is affecting your career prospects, you can speak to a pardon attorney who can offer advice and assistance to fix your past and help you become more considered during applications and interviews. 

Get Feedback 

Even all of these tips won’t work their magic overnight. You may still struggle with specific aspects of the interview, or you might lack experience in key areas. There is no reason to get down about this, and you can request feedback from the employer if they are gracious enough to notify you that your application and interview were unsuccessful. Some people feel embarrassed about this, but they shouldn’t, because how would they improve otherwise? 

You’re Hired 

Unemployment is stressful, and it can feel like it will never end. Often, it only takes a few changes here and there to make yourself stand out as the most visible candidate for any position. Think about what you can change, and start making those improvements so no recruiter can ignore you. 

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