Study & Work in Canada: The Demand for These 10 Occupations Has Risen in 2022

Posted June 14, 2022 by in Career

Doing odd jobs with studies is the standard practice followed by international students. Individuals can work in retail, hospitality, customer service, IT, e-commerce, healthcare, and construction.

Surprisingly, Canada is opening its doors and encouraging these individuals to be part of the semi-skilled workforce in 2022. Everything from manufacturing to production has taken a hit in the past two years. In reality, this is precisely how the Canadian government wants to boost its economy by employing them in the workforce.

The demand for skilled jobs is rising with each passing day. One cannot discount the fact semi-skilled jobs are for those who want to study and work in Canada.

List of In-demand Occupations in Canada for 2022

  1. Customer Service

Customer Service is one of the most demanded jobs in Canada for 2022. Job openings in this sector top the list. The majority of companies insist on working from remote places, for which, they are hiring individuals to boost sales. They have shut storefronts and are moving to virtual operations. The advantage for customer service or call centers is that they can work from anywhere.

  1. Cyber Security Analysts

Online channels are growing in prominence. The numbers speak for themselves as business establishments rely on the internet to carry out daily tasks. Be it work, communicating, sales, banking, to entertainment, all actions are encrypted. Without cyber security, operations would come to a grinding halt. That’s the reason why security analysts come into the picture. The job numbers for these professionals have risen by 7% every year.

  1. Delivery Drivers

Few consumers nowadays visit retail stores, shopping malls, and restaurants. The majority expect somebody to deliver products at their door while keeping safety guidelines in mind. The job is entrusted to delivery drivers whose occupation falls on the list of high-demand jobs in Canada for immigrants. There has been a surge in their numbers with this workforce taking up online orders. These positions are for food delivery and long-haul truck drivers.

delivery driver unloading van in parking lot
  1. Supply Chain and Procurement Specialists

Things would be difficult without logistics. Keep your online orders ready before dispatching them to different places. There is demand for supply chain specialists who can keep their shelves stocked. The specialists include procurement specialists too who have the experience to manage an entire supply chain and at the same time network with different distributors.

  1. IT Support & Help Desk

IT support has grown manifold. It has benefitted employees who can work from remote areas. The position falls in the in-demand jobs in Canada for international students. Whether it is VPNs, hardware, video conferencing, and home networks, every individual relies on their use.

  1. Administrative Assistants

Several employees in many companies are working from home rather than the office. The demand for administrative assistants is growing with each passing day.

The work from home transition has brought a sea change in several departments such as health and safety, legal, operations, customer service, marketing, accounting, and HR. Usually, administrative positions are remote listed.

  1. Maintenance Workers and Cleaners

Basic hygiene is the new norm in today’s times. The staff has to be kept safe. Businesses recruit people who sanitize and clean workplaces on a timely basis. Health and safety guidelines are the new protocol to keep customers and employees safe, particularly during this pandemic.

  1. Warehouse workers

Employers need warehouse workers, similar to supply chain specialists and retail clerks. These workers distribute products online. There are job openings for forklift operators, order pickers, packers, truck drivers, and even warehouse positions.

View of a large warehouse's interior
  1. Early Education Workers

Early childhood education is growing in prominence, with the Federal government investing $30 billion. It will help parents with quality, affordable and accessible daycare. Jobs in early childhood are bound to rise due to the rise in population numbers. The government measure will help those parents who could not access child care, especially during the pandemic.

  1. Registered Nurses

Demand for Registered Nurses tends to grow owing to the shortage of nurses. Healthcare is the priority; and it is where Registered Nurses step in. Nursing is considered the most demanded occupation in Canada.

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