Style Your Hair For The Holiday Celebrations With Clip-In Extensions

Posted October 13, 2021 by in Beauty

Hair extensions are a part of life for many. This has led to a market size of $1896.4 million globally in 2020. There is a wide array of extensions out there regarding color, length, hold, and how they are fixed. 

The holidays will be here soon, and it is time to prepare to dress up for the season. If you are a user of clip in hair extensions, you are not alone. You can create exquisite hairstyles with extensions and turn many heads. If you are new to extensions, then this is your guide to achieving graceful hairdos:

Curl Them

Curls will be in fashion forever. Whether you like tight, springy curls or loose, bouncy curls, no matter what your style, extensions can only enhance it. To avoid damage, you can achieve the look in no time with a heated curler, but make sure not to use high heat on the extensions. 

After curling your hair, you can leave them as it is or tie them together with an elastic band into a bouncy ponytail.

Beach Waves

Also known as Mermaid’s hair, the look is designed to keep you within your comfort level while letting you play around with a curler. A triple barrel curler can do the trick in creating those gorgeously shaped waves. This look is best if your hair is long, and clip in hair extensions add the necessary volume to give you a fuller look. 

Space Buns

Holidays are about fun. Therefore, if you are not attending a formal event, you can play around with your hair by tying them into a couple of buns. Divide the hair in the middle. Take the left front section and roll it up into a bun above your left ear. Then do it on the right. Clip-in the hair extensions in the back hair and leave it open. 

Fishtail Braids

These again casual braids give you a chic appearance. You can braid your hair into a fishtail from the center or take it toward one shoulder. Either look is appealing. Secure the end of your braid using an elastic and fan out the hair below the elastic to create the fishtail effect. Pull out a few strands that can frame your face and jazz it up with a floral headband. 

Boxer Braids

These are for those who do not like a single hair out of place, quite literally. Extensions give the braids volume and length and boost your confidence. The best part about boxer braids is that you can sleep in them and wake up to hassle-free beach waves without treating your hair to unnecessary heat. 

Beachy Bob

For short hair, a slightly wavy look can be quite trending. Extensions make the hair appear thicker and shinier. You can part the hair at one side and let it hang loose. 

This holiday season, clip in hair extensions are the most sought-after hair accessories. You can add dimension, shine, and length to your hair and create a new style every day. Start now so that you can perfect your look in time for the parties. 

*Photos by Anastasia Shuraeva