Subtle Signs Your Partner Might Be Cheating on You

Posted June 19, 2021 by in Lifestyle

A lot of people think that if their partner cheats on them, there will be very obvious signs that will give the game away. Some believe that they would know right away if their partner was cheating because it would be so obvious. However, you need to remember that a cheating partner does not have the word ‘cheat’ plastered across the forehead, and they may not always display obvious signs of cheating.

As our infographic shows, there are some partners who are very obvious about cheating without even realizing it. For instance, being on the phone all the time or sneaking off to make and take calls. However, there are others who are extremely careful about their actions, as they do not want you to be suspicious. The signs of cheating with these partners can be far more subtle.

In this article, we will look at some of the more subtle signs that your partner might be cheating on you:

Some of the Less Obvious Signs

Many of us have heard of cheating partners who have been caught out as a result of obvious actions such as their smartphone and social media use, among other things. However, sometimes the actions of a cheating partner can be far more subtle, as they are very careful about changing their habits and arousing suspicion. Some of the more subtle signs you may notice include:

Working Late Regularly

One of the subtle changes you may notice in your partner is that they suddenly have to start working late on a regular basis. In addition, they may suddenly have to start taking business trips for a night or more whereas they never had to do this before. Of course, there is a chance that this is perfectly legitimate and that changes at work have resulted in doing extra hours and going on trips.

However, if you see no sign of any extra pay for the hours put in, you have to ask yourself whether or not this is just a ruse for going out elsewhere and spending nights away from home.

Less Tactile and Intimate

Another thing you may notice is that your partner suddenly becomes far less tactile and intimate with you. This is especially noticeable if your partner was the type who liked to snuggle up, hold hands, kiss, and be intimate with you in the past.

If you notice that this suddenly all stops and your partner seems to be distancing themselves from you physically, this could be a sign that they are getting kisses, cuddles, and sex elsewhere.

Showering You with Gifts

It can go in the other direction whereby your partner suddenly starts to shower you with gifts for no apparent reason. Of course, if this is something that they have always done, it is nothing to worry about. However, if it begins suddenly and with no apparent reason behind it, then you may have cause for suspicion. This could be a sign of guilt because the partner is cheating.

These are some of the subtle signs that your partner might be cheating on you.