Summer Holiday Ideas for 2023

Posted May 25, 2023 by in Lifestyle

If you’re planning a sunny getaway in 2023, then you’ll have no shortage of options to choose from. But if you’re stuck for inspiration, then making the decision might be difficult. Let’s see if we can correct that, with a quick roundup of some of the more attractive destinations.


This little Dutch island is distinct from the rest of the Caribbean, thanks to its mainly dry climate. Synonymous with gorgeous white sandy beaches and dreamy blue ocean waters, it now enjoys a direct route from London Gatwick, meaning that it’s accessible as well as gorgeous. It’s just fifteen miles north of the Venezuelan coast, too, meaning that you can easily make your stay on the island part of a longer tour of the region. For those looking to capture their memorable moments, you can even hire Aruba photographers to perfectly encapsulate the beauty of this island.

Cruising for the UK

If you’d like a holiday that’s varied and extensive, without being too expensive, then a luxury sea cruise might fit the bill nicely. There are more options than ever to choose from, with themed cruises, river cruises, and extended ocean cruises all providing something a little different. Set off on a cruise ship from Southampton, and enjoy a look at the world from a new, watery perspective.


It’s difficult to picture this little corner of Greece without it being drenched in Mediterranean sunshine. It’s a wonderful choice both for honeymooning couples, and for families looking for a little bit of action and adventure. You can even explore the island’s caldera by boat.

This little island is famous across the world for its postcard-worthy beauty. It’s definitely Instagrammable, but also worthy of being savoured in the moment. Kids as young as eight are sure to love it.


A country rich in history and culture, Turkey has plenty to offer the average British tourist. Take a trip out to the countryside, forming a checklist of ruins and baths. It’s difficult to go wrong!

The tourism capital of the country is undoubtedly Antalya, which can trace its history back to 158 BC. It’s to be found at the end of a gulf, surrounded on all sides by clear blue water. There’s an enviable selection of five-star hotels here, along with a number of important historical landmarks. Two Ottoman mosques stand out as worth exploring, these being the Murat Paşa, known for its spectacular tiles, and the Tekeli Mehmet Paşa, which came about two centuries later.


Holiday makers in the Mediterranean might not think of Malta as the foremost destination in the region – which is a shame, since it offers just the right combination of world-class dining, natural splendour and affordability. If you’re travelling to the capital, Valletta, then you’ll find a number of Michelin-starred restaurants, serving up the most refined expression of the local cuisine.

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