Summertime Fun: 5 Awesome Water Activities in Miami

Posted May 30, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Over 14 million tourists travel to Miami, Florida every year. There are so many activities that you can do while visiting, it’s often hard to make a choice on what to do. Instead of getting caught in all of the tourist traps, you should consider doing something fun and exciting on the water.  

Miami has a lot to offer, but the water is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the area. Fishing and swimming can be fun but throwing in some of these activities can make a trip more memorable. 

Check out 5 of the best water activities to do on warm sunny days that won’t disappoint:

Summertime Fun: 5 Awesome Water Activities in Miami //

  1. Deep Sea Fishing 

This is a popular activity among those who enjoy fishing. Many companies have charter boats for deep sea fishing that you can go on as a day trip.

Deep sea fishing can give you a fun challenge and possibly even dinner! You will have the chance to learn different fishing techniques that are needed for the various fish in the sea.

  1. Parasailing and Tubing

If you are looking for something fun and fast paced to do in the water, parasailing, and tubing are an excellent choice. 

You will have the opportunity to take in a beautiful view that you won’t want to end. There are also places that you can get parasailing lessons if you are a beginner. 

  1. Kayaking and Paddle Boarding

Kayaking and paddle boarding are fun water activities in Miami. There are plenty of places that you can rent kayaks and boards. This makes it easy for someone who does not own a kayak to still enjoy it.

If you are uncomfortable you can fit two people in kayaks. For those who have good balance, paddle boarding is a fun summer activity. Going out on the water on a blow up kayak/ paddle board can be either fun and relaxing or challenging. 

  1. Boat Tours

For those who enjoy boating, a tour may good a good option. There are many different tours that you can choose from. Going on a boat tour gives you the chance to see parts of Miami that many don’t see.

There are also boat tours about the history, nature, and life in the ocean. This is a great activity for when you are looking for something relaxing to do.

  1. Snorkeling 

Snorkeling is a popular activity in Miami because of the unique fish, vibrant corals, and underwater life. Even if you have already done this, it is still an experience to go again. 

Snorkeling can be intimidating at first but with the help of a tour guide and encouragement from family or friends, you can see the best parts of the ocean.

Finding the right water activities in Miami can be a difficult task because they all seem fun. Many people try to group activities together, such as going on boat tours that offer snorkeling lessons and deep sea fishing. 

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