Surprise Someone With the Gift of Real Royalty!

Posted August 22, 2023 by in Lifestyle

The holidays are coming around and we will once again be faced with the conundrum of buying gifts for friends and relatives that are simply darn hard to shop for! What do you get the difficult person who has everything, or doesn’t want anything? You have tried everything, books they should be interested in (I already have that one!), cakes and treats they are sure to relish (I’m on a new diet!), gift certificates to stores that match their tastes (I will never get around to using it so just keep it for yourself!), nothing ever seems to suit them. Yes, they are being rather rude, and sure, you could show up with nothing, but you know that despite their protestations to the contrary, if you didn’t bring them something they would take it as a slight, and make you feel awful about it, even though it’s not your fault! It would be better to just get them something they don’t like than nothing at all, so off you go to do the shopping despite it being a lose-lose situation! 

This is when you have to think out of the box, and in this case, I mean literally! Here is an idea that even the most troublesome gift recipients will have a hard time turning their noses up at, because not only is it unique, it’s flattering as well! Gift your difficult ones with one of the Lord and Lady titles for sale in New Zealand that will surprise your grouchy giftee, if not delight them! Who doesn’t like to fancy themselves as royalty in their secret heart? This is your chance to appeal to their ego as you score a triumph in the holiday gifting game! 

So, just what does all this entail, and is it for real? Yes, actually, it is real, and for a good cause, too! These are genuine titles in a Scottish fiefdom. Your gift bestows the legally recognized royal title of Lord or Lady along with the accompanying certificates, official clan tartan, and a wee square of land just big enough for them to stand on when they visit and have their picture taken as a Lord or Lady of the realm! A lovely tree is planted along with every title purchased to help keep Scotland green!

Enjoy the surprised look on their face as you call them Lord or Lady, and mean it!

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