Take A Look At The Style And Fashion Trends We May See Die Out In 2020

Posted September 10, 2019 by in Fashion
2020 fashion trends

What in the world are you wearing!? That’s not a question you really want to hear. Especially if it means you’ve fallen prey to outdated style and fashion. But fashion is tricky. And it can be really tough to keep up with what’s in and what’s out.

Some trends come and go quickly, while others have staying power. So we’ll take a look at some of the trends that we’ll hopefully bid farewell in 2020.

  1. Black Leather Riding Boots

How often do you don your favorite leggings with either calf-high or thigh-high black leather riding boots?

It’s so on-trend, right? Well, if you’re talking about 2019, it is. Or the year before that. Or honestly, eight years before that. Because 2012 was when the riding boot trend began.

Fashionistas dictate their time has come and gone. But that doesn’t mean boots are out. No way! Shoe companies are releasing a serious selection of boots for the 2020 season in all sorts of colors, heights, styles, and materials. So try rocking some velvet boots this season.

nude thigh high boots

  1. Hairclips

Hair clips were one of the big fashion trends for 2019. Were being the operative word. Far from being just utilitarian, hairclips were making a statement.

From bedazzled and bejeweled to pearlescent finishes and bright resins, they were the hair accessory of choice. But not anymore. Much like Invisalign vs. braces, the more subdued hairband is stepping in to replace the highly visible hair clip. And like Invisalign, it’s just as effective.  

2020 hair trends

  1. Leopard Print Skirts

In 2019, leopard print skirts came on the scene as though they’d just materialized from the depths of a bad 1970s flick. And this was not an isolated trend. These skirts were everywhere from the high-end boutiques to the fast-fashion stores in the mall. So don’t feel bad if you own one. It could hardly be avoided.

But now, you can set it free. Opt instead for something a bit simpler, like a black or blush pink pleated skirt. 

black pleated skirt

  1. Designer Print Tracksuits

Nothing says, “I give up,” like throwing on a highly stylized tracksuit and hoping it’ll pass for everyday attire. Are you planning to star in a music video? Seriously. This may have been a good look BRIEFLY in 2019. But 2020 is begging you to retire it.

This isn’t to say that the tracksuit itself is an inherent fashion disaster. A simple, low-key tracksuit with a modern fit continues to be a classic look. So you can spare those from the dumpster.

simple track suit

  1. Obsession With Logos

If you’re getting bored with seeing the highly recognizable Chanel, Fendi or Louis Vuitton logos spattered on every article of clothing and accessory, you’re not alone.

These once highly coveted pieces are showing up high scale resale shops – left behind by their fashionable owners.

What are they moving toward instead? The name of the game in 2020 is layering neutral tones instead. That means beige, cream, sand, off-white, and even white all coming together in a soft and understated fashion.

Take A Look At The Style And Fashion Trends We May See Die Out In 2020

  1. Big Blocky Sneakers

You might love your massive platformed bright pink sneakers with the thick green tongue like only a mother can love her child. But the world of fashion is rejecting them. So if you want to stay in line with fashion trends, then you need to tuck them in the closet. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t still love them. It just means that, for now, you’ll want to swap them out for the latest trend – thongs with heels. 

If you think that sounds crazy, we don’t disagree. But sometimes, there’s just no understanding fashion. Not a fan of heels? A simple non blocky pair of sneakers will be trendy, too!

trendy white sneakers

  1. Highly Distressed Clothing

At any point in the past year, did you find yourself looking quizzically at someone whose clothes were so distressed that they were nearly naked?

Perhaps it was a look that you embraced. Whatever the case, there is something ironic about paying for clothing that looks like it’s been through the washer and dryer 100 times and then pummeled by a train. 

For 2020, the distressed look isn’t altogether banished. But the safe number seems to be around 20%. So maybe jeans that look like they’ve been washed 20 times – with maybe one or two tears and/or some fraying. To save some dough, you can always do your own distressing too.

distressed white denim

  1. Blazers and/or Dress Shoes with Jeans

Jeans go with everything, right? Not exactly. And for some reason, in 2019 it became acceptable for people to dress as though they were in perpetual limbo between work and play.

Getting ready for work suddenly meant shining up the dress shoes, sliding into a blazer and then pulling on a pair of jeans. 

2020 is putting an end to the waffling. The truth is, dress shoes look great. But only with dress clothing. They’re just not fashionably versatile enough to pull off pairing with jeans. And while sneakers are far more versatile than dress shoes, you wouldn’t wear them with a full suit.  

Still, if you insist on rebelling against the demise of this fashion trend, consider looking for footwear that’s at least more in the middle ground. For instance, a nice suede or leather boot works wonders with jeans.   

work outfit

  1. Letter Necklaces

There was a time when every other celebrity was sporting a letter on her chest. At least it seemed that way. And it was an admittedly cute look while it lasted. But 2020 says goodbye to the alphabet necklaces and moves the focus further down the body all the way to the ankle.

In fact, anklets are trending big time for 2020. This may be due in part to the more subdued fashion trends that extend even to footwear. Nothing spruces up plain footwear like a string of pearls or the sparkle of a chain around the ankle. 

girl wearing anklet

Staying on top of what’s trending in Style and Fashion is always a bit of a gamble. There just doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason behind what makes one style popular for a long time, and another a mere flash in the pan. But we hope that the trends we looked at in this article keep you fashionable at least through 2020.

For more great articles that will keep you in the know, check back with our fashion blog often. We update it regularly because things change fast in fashion!