Takeaways From the Dining Room Furniture Shopping Trends of Millennials

Posted September 7, 2021 by in Decor

Have you always avoided making large purchases like furniture for your home online? If so, you should really reconsider. Millennials have been buying dining room sets online, such as furniture stores Bellingham for several years now, and the number of people in that group grows year over year. While the number of people shopping for furniture online has increased each year, Baby Boomers and Generation X consumers are least likely to buy dining sets from an online furniture store.

Why should you switch to buying furniture online? In addition to the discounts of up to 25 percent off on dining sets, Millennials have taught us how to make such large online purchases.

Here are some lessons we can learn from the 47% of Millennials shopping for furniture online that you can apply to your next dining set purchase:

Be Eclectic, But Chic

The eclectic dining room style is in, mostly because it allows you to mix things up a bit. There are a lot of eclectic dining sets to choose from, and shopping online gives you the most options. Remember that eclectic doesn’t mean chaotic or clashing. Stick to trendy patterns and materials for a chic look.

If you want unique decor for your dining room, using nontraditional furnishings, such as benches or storage ottomans, is a great way to bring out the eclectic side while still having matched furniture for your dining room.

Decreasing Consumerism Attitudes

Millennials are the first generation to really push for eco-friendly options. Both Millennials and Generation Z are focused more on reducing waste by renewing items over recycling. As such, these generations are most likely to choose a dining set of solid construction that will be easily refurbished later on. 

Dining tables of solid wood are very durable, and can usually be refinished fairly easily. Stay away from wood veneers, as once they are damaged there is no real way to repair them. Even if the dining table still has a solid wood core, removing the veneer will leave you with a rough, unfinished surface.

You should also choose a dining set that you will be happy with long-term, or that can be updated to match the new decor in the future. Buying a basic dining chair and making covers for them gives you a fun project. You could even make different covers for different seasons or events.

Optional Dining Set Pieces

The furniture shopping habits of Millennials have shaped how dining sets have evolved over the last several years. Once you could get any dining set with an optional buffet or server, a china cabinet, and armchair options. You can still get such dining room furniture, but they are typically found only in traditional or old-world styles.

Today’s most popular dining sets don’t come with china cabinets or buffets. Most millennials think that having the china, serving dishes, and linen napkins typically stored in those pieces to be frivolous and not worth sacrificing the storage space. Millennials are also more likely to live in apartments where there isn’t room for more than a table and chairs.

Instead, you can opt for a dining room bench in place of side chairs on one side for a unique look and more flexible seating. You can still get some more modern or contemporary servers, but they are not as large as they used to be, and they take up much less space.

*Photos by Max Vakhtbovych