Taking Care of Your Health 101

Posted November 10, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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2023 is just around the corner and this means that many of us are already turning our minds to new years resolutions. Our new years resolutions tend to focus on areas of our lives that we think we could improve and do better with. They tend to be small steps that mount up to create big results. The right resolution for you will depend on the things you’re already doing right, the things you’re doing wrong and what will make the biggest difference to your happiness.

For many of us, our goals will be health related. We count on our bodies to get us through day to day life, so this isn’t all too surprising. Here are a few suggestions that could help to get the ball rolling on your health goals.

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Health Appointments

We all need to attend routine health appointments to ensure that we’re in good shape. Of course, you should have your regular doctor or physician who can take care of you when you experience illness, injury or negative symptoms. Make sure you’re signed up with a practice you can rely on, like Inspire Health Primary Care Doctors. There are other health care providers you need to check in with too though – those you should see regardless of whether you’re having negative symptoms or not. First, your dentist. Visit your dentist once every six months for a checkup. They’ll be able to give you the all clear or resolve any dental problems you may be experiencing. You should visit your optometrist once every two years. They can examine your eye health and ensure that you have any prescription lenses you may need.


We all know we should be eating a healthy, balanced diet, but how many of us are actually sticking to this on a regular basis? Take some time to review your diet and to ensure that you’re eating as well as possible, as often as possible. Ensure that you’re avoiding fad diets, as these are often bad for you. Make sure that you’re getting your five a day. Take some time to ensure that you’re getting your protein, carbs and any vitamins or other nutrients your body needs. You should also make sure to stay hydrated. It’s important to get two litres of water a day. Use an app to track your progress and log your water consumption if this helps.


Exercise is another important element of a healthy lifestyle. But are you getting your recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week? The easiest way to hit this goal is to find a form of exercise that you enjoy. This could be anything. It could be the gym, personal training sessions, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates, dance, HIIT classes or anything else that tickles your fancy and gets you moving.

These are just a few starting blocks that can give you the push you need to improve your health. Each will help you take better care of your body, so give them some focus!

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