Telling Your Phone Apart: How to Decorate Your Phone Case

Posted November 4, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Telling Your Phone Apart: How to Decorate Your Phone Case

Experts predict there will be 4.78 billion mobile phones worldwide by 2020. While they’re an amazing piece of technology, they also all tend to look the same. Even the cases look alike. It’s easy to pick up your friend’s phone by mistake. So what can you do?

You can decorate your phone case. Make it an expression of your personal style. Wondering how to decorate your phone case? Read on to learn some easy DIY tricks:

Use Sticky Features

The simplest place to start is with sticky features. The most basic option is googly eyes. Use a pair – or cover the whole case in them. If googly eyes aren’t your thing, add buttons, gemstones or even sequins to your case. Apply a dot of glue to the flat base of each item and stick in place.

Collect interesting stickers and apply them to the case. Choose a theme for a cohesive design. Or mix and match for a more individual look.

Washi tape is another great option. Mix and match between plain and patterned tapes for a striking phone case.

Temporary Options

You may not want to stick anything onto the case. How about putting things inside the case? Collect interesting gift wrap, maps, concert tickets, fabric swatches, or even tissue paper. Arrange them so they fit inside a clear phone case.

If you’re good with Photoshop, you might find it easier to scan these items into your computer. Arrange them digitally and then print out the end result. 

Put your phone into the case to hold the pictures in place. If they slide around, secure them to each other with masking tape on the inside. You can even pop pressed flowers inside a clear phone case for a seasonal look.

Using this option, you can have a different case every week.

Dip Your Case

Love nail varnish? Why not use it to create a striking design on your phone case? Pick three nail polish shades. It’s best if they work well together. Put a few drops of each into a bowl of water.

Swirl it around with a pencil to make a marble pattern. When you like the pattern, dip your case into the water. Let it dry and enjoy your new case!

You can also make designs on your case with washi tape. Use the technique above. When you peel off the tape, the designs will show up against the marbling.

Customized Phone Cases

Can’t decide between these cute phone case ideas? Don’t have the time to make anything cool? Or not confident in your DIY skills? You could always look at customized phone cases. Add photos, graphics, or artwork that means something to you.

You’ll never confuse someone else’s phone for yours when you’ve got a photo from a precious moment on your case.

Those are just a few ideas to help you decorate your phone case. Pick the option that lets you express your personality. Or mix it up by changing your case every few weeks. One thing is certain – no one will ever have a phone like yours!

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