The 3 Prevailing Design Trends of Master-Planned Communities

Posted November 6, 2023 by in Home

Creating a life for yourself starts by choosing the right community. There is no point in having a great house if it is in a subpar neighborhood. With master-planned communities, you get the entire package without any of the headaches.

1. Land

When you’re house hunting, planned community amenities should be a priority. Having to travel for amenities can lead to changed plans. Heavy traffic, long drives to and from an event and even parking are all things that can sour an entire trip. Although big sporting events are still held in the major cities, trends for smaller events in more accessible areas are on the rise. Towns that would never get a major act are now getting multiple acts, and professional teams are choosing small towns for their offseason practices.

The choice of land and how it is used is a major pro for master-planned communities. Amenities are planned from the start, so there are no clashes with small or big events. This is a big change from other neighborhoods that are built around minimizing space for the maximum amount of profit. Sidewalks, recreational centers, parks, libraries and more are the norm for master planned-communities. And since these communities keep stable property values, you’ll always get the most for your money.

2. Resources

Multiple events in the last few years have shown the importance of resources. A neighborhood that plans ahead will always be in a better position. Access to resources starts from the beginning when you understand the value of a reputable builder’s network. The same resources that went into creating a tight knit master-planned community will be available to the residents. That means having professional contacts with designers, contractors, home builders, local suppliers and architects. This is part of the appeal for a master-planned community, and has become one of its biggest selling points.

In other communities, every resident has to do their own research. When something goes wrong, they reach out to who they feel is the best person for the job. And if you have homeowners’ insurance, the best person for the job is chosen for you. Both of these situations lead to individuals getting an unreliable job done and having to wait months for a resolution. This may not apply to all, but even a small sample size is cause for concern.

3. Security

Security is one of those things that many families consider an individual responsibility. Neighborhood watches help, but aren’t always an option. In a master-planned community, gated entrances prevent unauthorized access. Statistics have shown that master-planned communities are among the safest neighborhoods in the world. With affordable prices, it has a small town feel with the resources of a major city. This is by design, and is one of the features that families ask about before moving into the area.

A Creative Decision

Certain decisions will change the course of your life. That is why the community you choose to live in ranks as one of the more important decisions you’ll ever make. Look at the pros and cons, and it becomes clear that master-planned communities are the way to go.

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