The 3 Steps To Make Sure That You Stay Safe Riding Your Motorcycle

Posted November 2, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Motorcycles are a thrill to drive and can lead to many fantastic memories throughout one’s life. They are a perfect representation of the freedom that we all love to enjoy by taking to the open road. 

When driven properly, motorcycles are very safe to drive. There are other drivers on the road, however, that can make it a dangerous situation since there is no barrier between you and the road and other cars. Not only that, but not everybody takes the proper precautions when driving a motorcycle. 

There are a lot of car accident lawyers out there for a reason. It pays to take some measures of your own to stay safe while driving your motorcycle to prevent an accident:

1 – Take a Safety Course

Many towns and cities offer free motorcycle safety courses to make sure their residents can stay safe on the road. Doing a couple of weeks of lessons will open your eyes to some driving techniques that can help you prevent an accident from happening. They are run by trained professionals and are good for any experience level. 

Even if you feel perfectly comfortable on a motorcycle and feel like you are doing your part to drive safely there are things to learn. You’ll get plenty of defensive driving tips and learn how to predict what another driver is going to do so you can avoid an accident.

2 – Stay a Safe Distance

There needs to be a good distance between you and the car or motorcycle in front of you. If a car ahead of you stops suddenly then there needs to be enough time to brake safely. Driving too close cuts down the time you have to react. In a car, a rear-end accident is usually not going to cause traumatic injuries. On a motorcycle, however, the possibility of a fatality from simply driving too close to the car ahead of you is very high. 

Even when you are traveling what you consider to be a safe distance, have a plan for what to do in case of something happening ahead of you. For instance, always be aware of what is going on beside you in case you have to drive up on the shoulder of the road. 

3 – Plan Ahead

Knowing what to expect when you get on the road will help you stay much safer when you drive a motorcycle. For instance, checking the weather can help you avoid some very dangerous conditions. If there is going to be a major downpour then you don’t want to be on two wheels. Even if it is very windy or a big foggy these are conditions that raise the bar when it comes to risk.

Make sure to check the weather reports before you head out so you don’t get stuck. Don’t stop at the weather report, however. You should also check the traffic report to see if there is any construction or accidents on the way that could put you in a vulnerable position if you are stuck in traffic. 

You can plan alternate routes that bring you through a more peaceful area with less traffic and risk of getting caught up in a dangerous situation. 

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