The 4 Best Tips For Perfect Strip Lash Application

Posted August 24, 2020 by in Beauty
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False eyelashes are the must-have accessory for anyone wanting to achieve that ‘wow’ look. Celebrities adorn them on the red carpet, fashion designers love to experiment with them on the catwalk and us ‘normal’ people can feel a hundred times more fabulous with these simple additions to our makeup routine.

However, they can be hard to master, with so many strip lashes on the market and a myriad of eyelash glue available to confuse us even further.

In this article, we provide the 4 top tips for the best false eyelash application, from choosing the right Jetset Lash Glue to properly fitting your lashes to your eye:

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Choose The Right Lashes

It can be tempting to opt for the cheapest set of false lashes you can find, especially if you are new to the false lash world. After all, you don’t want to spend a fortune on something you may decide you simply can not get on with.

However, many first-time users struggle to apply false eyelashes because the quality just isn’t up to scratch, not because of novice abilities. Other people don’t want to spend too much on something they’ll only wear once. A common misconception, as you can actually wear false eyelashes dozens of times, with the right care.

Cheaper falsies are made of lesser quality materials and plastics, this often means they are not malleable enough to sit on the eyelid properly and have a tendency to fall off, even if the application process was done correctly.

You don’t have to spend hundreds to get a good set of false eyelashes but make sure you do a bit of research into any brand you are considering buying. Look at the reviews and see if any of the products have shown signs of falling off easily.

It’s always worth spending that little more money to get something that will last the day and not leave you constantly reapplying your lashes.

Invest In Good Glue

Most false eyelashes come with lash adhesive, unfortunately, this isn’t always on par with the quality of the lashes themselves. If you are a regular wearer of lashes or are planning on wearing a pair for a special occasion, it’s always worth making a separate purchase of top-quality lash glue. But how do you choose which is best for you? Eyelash glue typically comes in two forms, semi-permanent and latex-based.

Semi-permanent glue is designed for lash extensions and should only be used by the professionals. While it may provide the strongest hold, it isn’t suitable for lash extensions.

Firstly, this type of glue is designed to come into contact with your natural lash, not your skin, so using on strip lashes could cause a bad reaction with your eyelids.

Secondly, the hold is so strong, it can be almost impossible to remove safely at the end of the day. This could lead to ripping your delicate eye skin or cause infection and irritation overnight from having to sleep in your falsies.

So, the obvious choice is latex-based. This glue is strong enough to hold your lashes in place throughout the day but won’t cause any damage to your natural lashes or skin when it comes to removing it.

Next, you need to choose the colour of glue, clear or black. Clear glue is perfect if you aren’t going to dark or heavy on your eye makeup or liner. It’s also great for first-time users as any errors are easily hidden.

If you’re going for a dramatic smokey eye or a big winged liner, choose black. Clear glue will add a sheen that can be easily seen on darker makeup, black will blend seamlessly. 

Trim Your Strip Lashes

A common error when applying false eyelashes is assuming they are ready straight out of the box. Every eye is a different shape and size and so to accommodate for this, manufacturers will make strip lashes longer than what most people need.

Carefully remove your strip lashes from the box using a clean pair of tweezers and hold them up to your eyelid to gauge how long they are in comparison.

It can also help to slightly bend the lashes by rolling a pencil along the lash line, especially if you have particularly round eyes. Then snip off any excess with a pair of sharp scissors, clean nail scissors work well if you don’t have a specialist pair.

Always trim from the outer edge and cut upwards to avoid accidentally catching the lashes you want to keep. 

Know What To Do With Makeup

It can be hard to know when to apply your eye makeup. If you do it beforehand, you risk ruining your hard work with the glue. However, if you apply makeup after your lashes, you risk putting a strain on the glue and causing them to fall off.

Always do your base eyeshadow and highlighter beforehand, you can always re-blend any mistakes away after putting your eyelashes on.

If you are going for a dramatic eyeliner, apply the wing first and add more above the lash line once you have glued your falsies on. 

Mascara can be a tricky thing to work with alongside false eyelashes. A great trick is to apply a very small coat beforehand, this way, you’ll have a better grip on your natural lashes and be able to apply the false ones with more ease.

Then, once the glue has set, add another 1-2 coats. You should do this if you have light eyelashes as you don’t want them to stand out against your strip lashes.

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With the above in mind, you should have an idea of how to make the most out of your false eyelashes. If it’s your first time applying false eyelashes, don’t worry if you don’t get it the right first time, you can simply reposition them and start again.

Always carry eyelash adhesive in your bag when wearing falsies, even the best application can incur a glue mishap here and there, especially if you’re at an emotional occasion, such as a wedding, your tears can dissolve the adhesive!