The 4 Signs That You Should Go to a Dermatologist

Posted March 16, 2022 by in Beauty
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Most women are very keen to take good care of their skin. They are almost religious about using the right creams and ointments to keep their skin healthy and supple. The problem is that there are times when these creams and lotions just can’t get the job done. 

There is a point when you have problems with your skin that need to be treated by a professional. For instance, if your skin is acting up and nothing is working then you may need to see a dermatologist in Utah County. There are different skin infections, fungi, and even parasites that can cause problems that will get worse if you don’t see a dermatologist

In this article, we will go over four different skin concerns that require the help of a dermatologist to solve.

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1. Severe Acne

Getting pimples is a fact of life for most people. Acne is normal and in many cases, it will go away by using special soaps or antibacterial creams. It is just a small bacterial infection in the pores and is nothing serious. 

When acne is painful and persistent then this is a sign or a larger problem. Acne shouldn’t cause pain when you aren’t touching the blemish itself and when it does then you need to consult a skin doctor for a professional diagnosis and treatment. Persistent acne can cause other skin conditions not to mention permanent scarring.

A doctor can give you prescription topical medication that will treat the acne quickly and keep it from coming back. 

2. Skin Cancer Screening

Skin cancer is very insidious since it isn’t so obvious that you have a problem. If you spend a lot of time in the sun and are seeing some growths that are new then you may want to go see a doctor to have a skin cancer screening done.

The growths to look out for are ones that are brown and slightly painful when you touch them. If they seem to be enlarging then this is a worrying sign and an urgent visit is needed. 

3. Inflamed and Red Skin

When you have a rash that is painful and inflamed, then it could be eczema. This is an autoimmune disorder that is painful and irritating. It can be treated, however, and is not a serious illness. If left untreated it will likely spread and be very uncomfortable which can impact your quality of life. 

Dermatologists will likely prescribe steroids to treat it so your body basically stops attacking itself. 

4. Infections

Nails can easily get infected since you could be taking care of your nails with equipment that is carrying bacteria. The same goes for your skin. These infections can spread and cause a whole host of other problems. They will need to be treated with antibacterial creams. A prescription is your best bet to take care of the problem quickly and effectively. 

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