The 5 Easiest Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment This Fall

Posted October 16, 2014 by in Home

There’s nothing more satisfying than walking into a well decorated home or apartment. It’s even more satisfying when that home or apartment is your own. Don’t think you can afford it? You can! Well designed homes aren’t just for fancy people on Pinterest.

Whether you own or rent, there’s a wide variety of different things you can do to accessorize your pad. Below are five easy ways you can adorn your abode without going broke or making your landlord mad.

1. Create a Statement Wall

The simple method of painting one wall a bold color will make it stand out and bring life to a dull white room; you can then make the most of what you already possess by decorating it with your existing prints, a TV, or mirror.

The other benefit from this method is you save time and money by only having to paint one small area. And don’t feel a statement wall has to include paint — removable wallpaper would look great too!

statement wall1

2. Add Effective Lighting

A great way to make an instant impression is by installing new wall lights or lamps to create a particular atmosphere, or to brighten up or highlight particular areas or features in your apartment. For example, you can accentuate artwork or certain furniture by having them back lit or directly under spotlights.

ikea lighting

Spotlight Lamp: $15.00

3. Untreated Wood

Untreated wood is starting to get extremely trendy in the land of decor! Whether you add a chair, bed frame, or dresser with an un-finished look, you will give your home a design boost.

You can easily source untreated wooden furniture from a reliable retailer like Trade Furniture or Ikea. And as an added benefit, the durability means you can enjoy these items for decades.

untreated wood ikea

Photo via Refinery29

4. Add a Tapestry

If you’re not allowed to paint, add a large tapestry to a wall instead. It’ll instantly upgrade your room!

$39.00 on Urban Splatter

5. Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a pretty way to add oomph to a bland wall. You can do a collage with a bunch of small mirrors, or you can add one large mirror. Mirrors also help rooms appear larger!

Courtney, the blogger behind A Diamond in the Stuff has a great mirror collage below:

mirror collage2

By choosing any one of these straightforward methods, you’ll quickly begin to feel the same satisfaction that so many others get from accessorizing and personalizing their apartment — turning it from a standard flat to your home.