The 6 Best Shopping Places You Should Visit in Singapore

Posted June 12, 2020 by in Fashion/ Shopping
shopping in Singapore

Singapore is well known for being a high end vacation destination. However, if you truly want to get the most out of your trip you should zero in on the best activities to take part in. If there is one thing that this bustling metropolis manages to excel in, it is shopping. There are lots of places you can go to get different kinds of shopping experiences, with the best examples being listed below, and suffice it to say that you would inevitably get the experience that specifically suits you.

One thing to keep in mind is that on the list of best 10 Singapore shopping places you will get cosmopolitan high rise malls, suburban corner stores as well as markets that would evoke the more traditional culture that Singapore is often associated with. Hence, picking the right options is all about narrowing down what kind of experience you would ideally like to enjoy.

Once you have figured that out, just check out this sample list of some of the best places that Singapore has to offer anyone that comes for a short stay:

best shopping in Singapore

#1 VivoCity

If you want a modern experience then VivoCity can be a good option. While some might find this sprawling urban shopping center a bit too much, others would agree that it has enough diversity to satisfy the average modern shopper. It is a major part of the city too so you can get a bit of the culture that makes this city so unique.

If you want something that will surely facilitate all of your needs and would represent Singapore in a really impressive way, VivoCity is definitely worth a try. Even if you don’t find anything, this city landmark is important to take into consideration.

#2 Bugis Street

This street is a happy midway point for people that want a modern shopping experience but don’t necessarily want to go to a mall in order to get said experience. It has a wide variety from clothes to electronic goods, and each shop is independent and outdoors which is a definite bonus.

This street is also quite old and a lot of the shops you would see are unique in that they have been around for a very long time. Talk to the shop owners, they can tell you some pretty unique facts about their city and they can point you to other must-visit places such as cheap shopping places in Singapore. Locals always know best!

#3 Lucky Plaza

This is another sprawling mall that you could go to but it has the benefit of being somewhat better planned than VivoCity. It is similarly enormous but you would find that getting around would be a little easier. This would help you get a more satisfying overall shopping experience.

The food court also has some pretty nice options. You can try some of the local food out or if you are less adventurous than that you could simply go for the standard western fast food options.

#4 Marina Bay Sands

This location is about more than just shopping. It is a place of real local culture, one where you can get a fair amount of shopping done as well. Once you have arrived at the Marina Bay Sands, you should try to look for the Shoppes. These are some unique stores that have an assortment of items that you would be quite interested in.

Not only that but the store keepers are great to talk to as well. Shopping can be done anywhere but a true local cultural experience is something that you only get very rarely so try to keep this in mind.

#5 Plaza Singapura

Singapore has no shortage of high end shopping malls and this mall is just one of many. It has its own unique charms however such as the movie theater that you can check out. The shops here can often be high end but not so much so that you would struggle to afford anything.

Overall this is a solid mid range mall, and the movie theater has something to offer everybody. This is a particularly good place to take your kids since they would be able to enjoy themselves while you shop.

#6 Far East Plaza

If you take a look at this place you might just think that it is something that has been ripped right out of the 90s. This is because it is quite an old plaza, and the shops will make that obvious for you. It is worth a trip though. Because it can give you a sense of what Singapore once was, which should give you a pretty good idea of how it got to where it is today.

All in all this is a pretty unique shopping plaza that you will definitely enjoy visiting.

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