The Answers As to Why It’s so Important to Protect Your Skin in Hot Climates

Posted November 8, 2021 by in Beauty

If you live in a country that has a hot climate then summer time can be a really hard time for some people. Especially if they don’t look after themselves properly. Some people might think summer – beach, sun and having BBQs in the garden, for others it can mean, having to take extra care and preventative measures to make sure that their bodies stay in healthy condition. The biggest sufferers, in the summer are people who are susceptible to skin conditions which can be worsened by the following:


The effects of dehydration are felt not only by your body, but also by your skin, the human body loses moisture through the pores of the skin every time you start to sweat. This can cause the skin to become dry, irritable, and more susceptible to sunburn if it is not adequately replaced. It’s possible that your lips will begin to crack and develop dry spots which could require similar treatments seen here, some of which could give you younger looking skin.


When the ‘sweating’ process starts, it attracts grit, filth, and pollutants to the skin’s surface, especially if you spend time outside. Acne and pimples grow in this environment because of the combination of heat and grime, dust plugs the skin’s pores, while the heat creates an ideal habitat for germs to thrive.


In high temperatures, the environment creates an ideal habitat for bacteria and viruses to grow. Bacteria is everywhere around you, and you can’t see it, which isn’t so bad if you travel alone or work from home; however, people who travel by public transportation and move around in congested areas are substantially more prone to get numerous bacterial illnesses.

Bacteria may be present on the bus seat or a window that you brush up against, or touch with your hand, which, at some point, before you go to sleep will then touch your face.


The rays from the Australian summer sun can be so harsh that it can burn your skin, which often leads to numerous side effects, one of which being red areas of skin that cause irritation and a burning sensation. If you have sensitive skin then you will be more at risk and will need to take extra special care.


Tanned skin is desirable for most people but, if you think about the process of skin tanning and how it actually happens then it may not be so attractive after all. The radiation from the sun’s UV rays affects people in different ways, most commonly, the skin’s melanin reacts by creating a protective layer which results in darker pigmentation. Some people’s bodies are ok with this process, others however, can develop brown patches rather than an all over tan which can lead to medical treatment. 

Heat Rashes

During the summer, a number of elements combine to irritate your skin. Sweating goes hand in hand with the heat, which puts a lot of strain on a person’s skin. Dirt and dust can obstruct the sweat ducts of the skin, trapping perspiration causing itchy rashes, blisters, or mini-bumps might start to form as a direct result. Because of the friction, clothes might aggravate irritation even more.

*Photos by cottonbro