The Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Right Jeans For Your Body Type

Posted December 16, 2020 by in Fashion

The year of 2020 can be described in many ways, but for the majority of us, it has been the year of jogging bottoms and oversized t-shirts relaxing on the sofa at home. However, as the world slowly returns to normal, many of us are looking to swap our trusty jogging bottoms for some stylish new jeans. But where do you start? In this article, we will be providing you with some information on how you can find the right jeans for your body type

When looking to choose the perfect fit for your jeans, it is important to first understand the body type that you have. To help you understand the different body types, we have provided a simple list below:

  • Pear Shaped 
  • Hourglass Shape 
  • Apple Shape
  • Athletic Shape 

When you understand which body type you have, you are then able to decide for the right pair of jeans based on your own personal style. 

Work Out The Cut That Is Perfect For Your Body Type 

When you have determined the body type that you have, it is then time to find the right cut/ fit that works with that body type. With several jeans out there for you to choose from and some of the best womens designer jeans out there on the market, it is important to find the fit of jean that works for you before investing. To help you out, we have created a guide below: 

Hourglass Body – Straight legged jeans to create proportions for the body. 

Pear-Shaped Body – High waisted jeans are the best for this body type. they are flattering as well as slim-fitting to draw attention to the upper half and accentuate curves. 

Apple Body Shape – High rise skinny jeans draw in the waist whilst smoothing the hips and adding length in the legs. This helps to suit your body shape over time. 

Athletic Body Shape – A Straight jean is best for this body type as this can add proportion to your body as a result. 

Focus On The Waist And The Hips and Length 

When you have the cut it is important to focus on the hips as well as the hips. You want to make sure that the jeans fit around the waist and are secure on the hips for the added support. This will make sure that you are comfortable in your jeans and allows you to make sure the jeans are perfect for your body type.

Additionally, focusing on the fit in the thighs will ensure that you are comfortable when sitting, standing and walking around all day. Couple this with the correct length and you will have the perfect jean for your size and shape. 

Whether you are looking to refresh your winter wardrobe or you are planning on adding some jeans in time for spring, there are several elements for you to consider to make sure you’re getting the best out of the jeans you are choosing.