The Beginner’s Guide To Wellness

Posted February 9, 2017 by in Lifestyle

You are probably already striving for great health and fitness in your life, but have you given any serious thought to wellness? Wellness incorporates some aspects of health and fitness, but it also looks at our mind and soul.  

There are lots that we can do to look after the spiritual side of our life. Here are just a few tips for all you wellness beginners out there!


One of the best ways to heal the mind and soul is to meditate. During meditation sessions, you will be concentrating on your breathing process and thought process. You will need to learn how to control your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that they are not too loud in your head while you meditate. Mala beads for your meditation can help you with focusing. By doing so, you will also learn how to control your thoughts during everyday life, which can help you concentrate and stay in control of negative feelings.

Change Your Cooking Habits

The food that we eat has a lot to do with our general wellness. Ideally, you need to be eating a healthy and well-balanced diet that provides your brain with all the nutrients that it requires. Try and increase your portions of vegetables and fruit each day. You should also try and cut down your daily intake of salt, which you can do by adding more flavor with herbs to each dish.

Making sure that your body is well-hydrated is also key, so aim to drink more fresh water through the day.

Don’t Sit Down For Too Long

Lots of scientific studies show that it is very important we all lead an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, this isn’t too easy to do if you have to sit in front of a computer all day for work! But there is one simple way you can make a big difference to your fitness. You just need to ensure that you get up out of your chair regularly. Even if you just have a short walk over to the water cooler for a drink, you will be doing your body some good. And rather than watching TV all evening, why not stroll around your neighborhood?

Do Things You Love

Happiness is a big part of wellness, and the happier you are, the better your wellness will be. And there is one way you can immediately boost your happiness — you just need to do the things that you love! So if you have a hobby that you are super passionate about, you need to make sure you have plenty of time to pursue it as much as possible! Even if you simply make yourself your favorite meal, it will go a big way to improving both your happiness and wellness!

I personally started dancing again, because it was something I greatly missed about my childhood and teen years

Once your wellness is improved, you will find that you can lead a lot more enjoyable life!