The Best Beachwear & Swimwear Trends for 2022

Posted March 21, 2022 by in Fashion

At the height of the warm season, all thoughts are occupied by the sea and the beach. It’s time to revise your summer wardrobe and disassemble the main beach trends. Even if you are not planning to fly to Greece or the Maldives, you need fashionable swimwear, because the weather in those places allows you to sunbathe and bask by the pool. Of course, you can just wear your usual minimalist black bikini, but this season is rich in texture and bold trends worth trying out. We have collected the highlights of the season based on what we saw on the catwalks and on the accounts of influencers.

There is no one swimsuit style that suits everyone because we are all different. Therefore, always consider which cut is most suitable for your figure. If you’re looking to buy women’s swimsuits check out some online retailers for their most recent styles:

Characteristics of The Perfect Swimsuit


The first rule: a properly chosen swimsuit does not create any inconvenience for you, in it, you feel comfortable both in the water and on land. If you have to constantly monitor whether your breasts appear larger than they should from a swimsuit, you will not be able to relax on the beach. You always feel good in the right swimsuit!


The black swimsuit is a classic. But a beautiful color, color block, or interesting print will not only emphasize your taste and personality but can also adjust your silhouette. Choose your favorite colors and prints that you are used to wearing, so you will feel more natural on the beach.


Of course, it is better to have more than one swimwear for all occasions in life. But if you don’t want to buy the whole collection.

We advise you to choose a universal swimsuit model. One in which you can sunbathe, play on the beach, and then dress up with a wide long skirt or trousers to go to an aperitif.

Beach Fashion Ideas for 2022

Two-piece swimsuit with retro print

Old-fashioned flowers on cups and swimming trunks, lovely seafolly bathers with dots, illustrations in retro style – all of this is a fashion trend of this year. Such swimwear is especially loved by influencers and stars – Matilda Gerf, Dua Lipa, and many others.

One-piece swimsuit with animal print

An all-time classic – a one-piece swimsuit with an animal print. To create the most luxurious look, complement the “animal” bathing suit with massive gold jewelry, cover your hair with a turban and paint your nails with red varnish.

Simple basic swimsuit

Yes, you understood correctly, everything ingenious is simple. Black or solid-colored bikinis and simple one-pieces with a classic cutout at the back are some of the trendiest swimwear of 2022. There are more options for buying a black swimsuit this season than ever. From classic bikinis with black drawstrings at the sides to elegant, retro, high-waisted black swimwear.

One-piece swimsuit with sexy cutouts

A great option if you want to add seductiveness to your look without stripping naked. Slits on clothes keep fashionable positions not only in beach fashion – curly “holes” at the waist will visually reduce it and help escape from the heat. Cutout swimwear has been in the spotlight for several seasons, proving it to be a “long-lasting trend”.

This year, trendy swimsuits cutouts can be anywhere: on the sides, on the stomach, on the chest. As with fashionable dresses, we see a lot of laces and cutouts. This will also work with a monokini, just get ready for a spotty tan.

One-piece swimsuit with underwire

If you still think that a swimsuit with underwires is outdated, think again. Personally, we’re thrilled this swimsuit trend is making a comeback. A one-piece swimsuit with underwire is the perfect swimsuit for those with a larger bust. Not to mention that these types of swimsuits give a sexy vintage vibe.

A two-piece swimsuit that covers the lower abdomen

We have already said that such a swimsuit is ideal for those who are not ready to show their lower abdomen. Two-piece swimsuits with high heels were at their peak in the 1950s, and not a single beach day for such stars as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor could do without them. Today, this model is not only a way to sport a high-waisted look, but also a tribute to the trends of past.

Upside down bikini

We all saw simply inverted bikinis on Instagram this past summer. However, in 2022 they will still be popular this year, especially if they are with high panties. Upside down bikinis have become very popular thanks to social networks, where tutorials on how to make an inverted swimsuit are common.

Color block

Pastel bikinis are the same as lilac bikinis, mint green bikinis, pastel orange bikinis, light pink bikinis, and blue bikinis. You will see them in all forms on pearly white beaches under blue skies in the summer of 2022.

Asymmetrical swimwear

Fashion designers this summer strongly recommend that we take a closer look at asymmetric models. This summer, the asymmetrical body-hugging fit is taking beach style to a whole new level. Such a swimsuit will not only emphasize the curves of the body but will make the waist thinner, mask asymmetry, and divert attention from a small tummy.

Vichy check one-piece swimsuit

Based on the reported data from the Stylight platform, the number of search queries increased by 132%. The Vichy cage has been popular for several warm seasons. Pastel plaid swimsuits evoke 1950s America, Stepford Wives, and strawberry milkshakes – just what the doctor ordered in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic stress.

In addition, choosing the perfect swimsuit depends on your body type, and not always the same swimsuit colors your chest and hips equally well. And if your tops and bottoms are different, buying two separate pieces can be a real lifesaver. Play with complementary shades, different colors, and print combinations with solid colors.

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