The Best Day of Your Life: 10 Ways to Preserve the Memory of Your Wedding

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You’ve spent what may feel like forever getting ready for the best day of your life, only to have it gone in a blink! While every second of preparation is worth it, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a way to bottle up the emotions and memories of your wedding day?

While there’s no magic potion to do this yet, you can save the essence of this life-changing event by planning your wedding bouquet preservation strategy and other sentiments. By holding onto the things that mattered to you that day, you inhale the fragrances or feel the textures that propel you back to your wedding.

How can you do this without spending a fortune in time and money to preserve your wedding’s memory? Try these 10 ways to turn your once-in-a-lifetime celebration into something you can cherish forever.

Bride posing with bridal bouquet on wedding day

1. Have a Memory Keepsake At Your Wedding

Guest books are helpful ways to record who showed up to your big day, but a memory keepsake takes this list a step further. It’s a way to encourage those who care about you to share a memory of you from a time before you were married or offer advice to the newly married couple.

Note that “memory keepsake” refers to various finished products. It might be a book where people write their memos to you or a box where they drop envelopes of sealed notes with their memories tucked safely inside. 

You can choose when to open these notes, such as reading them on your honeymoon and then putting them away until your tenth anniversary. Looking back at these past events lets you reminisce about who you once were and see how you’ve grown together.

2. Decorate With Your Unique Touches

Most people bring a personal touch to their wedding decor. Maybe you adore sunflowers, and that’s your theme for your reception. Or maybe your husband loves to fish, and you decorated with accents of fishing lures and “He caught the perfect catch this time” sayings.

Whatever you used on your wedding day, you can find a home inside your marital house now. Showcase the flowers you used as your kitchen or coffee table centerpiece. Hang the sign that shows off your new name in your bedroom. 

Find subtle places to decorate your main rooms with your wedding decor, and every time you see these pieces, you’ll be transported back to the day you said your vows. Who knows, this little touch could help smooth out a few arguments in your married life!

3. Save Your Bouquet

The bridal bouquet can be one of the most expensive accessories of your wedding. Since flowers don’t last very long, it’s tempting to replace them with artificial versions, but this just doesn’t have the same appeal. Instead of going with fake plants, keep the real thing, but get your bouquet preserved after the wedding.

Floral preservation includes finding someone specializing in air drying and treating each petal, stem, and leaf for long-lasting freshness. While your flowers won’t be “real” anymore, they will retain the aspects of your wedding you fell in love with and carried down the aisle.

Keep your bouquet visible in a vase or hang it on the wall. Every time you have new visitors, they’ll ask about the importance of your flowers, and you can tell them about your big day.

4. Employ Amateur Photographers

Of course, you want a professional to capture the special moments of your wedding day, but what about all of the other events going on around you that you don’t see? Invest in disposable cameras (yes, they’re still a thing!) and let your guests become amateur photographers!

Encourage them to take pictures of the people sitting at their table, views they see of your first dance or other special moments, and anything they think you’ll enjoy reminiscing over in the future. This is an amazing way to let each inspired guest share in creating the whole picture of your wedding instead of the posed or strategic shots captured by the photographer.

As a bonus, if funds are limited, you don’t have to get your shots printed at the same time. Send the camera in one at a time to be developed, and it becomes easier to put each roll in a photo album and laugh at the images captured.

5. Hire An Artist to Catch Your Moment

You’ve seen the viral trend on social media of artists painting couples at the altar, and that’s an incredible way to preserve the memory of the moment you went from “single” to “joined.”

Look for an artist who specializes in capturing personality and emotions. Ask to see their work and get testimonials from people who have hired them in the past. You don’t want to skimp on this investment, as your finished picture will be worth more sentimentally than thousands of photos!

When the artist finishes and you’re back from your honeymoon, have the painting framed and hang it as pride of place in your bedroom or living room for a cherished memory you’ll take with you for the rest of your life.

6. Create a Wedding Photo Gallery Wall

With so many amazing pictures of your special day, it can be challenging to decide which ones to frame and display. With a wedding canvas gallery wall, you don’t have to narrow down your options to a few.

Instead, pick your favorites and send the images off to be printed on canvases. Then, hang them on your wall in your preferred gallery wall style as a 3×3 symmetrical display of your day or an asymmetrical layout that matches your quirky personality! There’s no right or wrong and no limit to how many images you can hang — as long as they fit, of course.

7. Showcase Your Vows

Although your vows are special promises from bride to groom, when you read them aloud at your ceremony, they’re publicized for all to hear. Yet, once they’re said, it’s hard to remember what shared thoughts were spoken.

Take those notes written on the back of a napkin or erased on notebook paper until they were perfect and make them look elegant and cherished by framing them, or type the words and have them professionally designed to display in your bedroom.

8. Immortalize Your Wedding Song

Your wedding song is connected to a memory that only the two of you have, but it doesn’t have to be audible. Immortalize your song by turning it into an artwork display where the lyrics are spread across a canvas with your picture as the centerpoint. Add your wedding date, hang it over your bed or in the living room, and instantly transport back to your first dance as a couple.

9. Make a Wedding Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are glass artwork that encases treasured mementos. If there are little details from your wedding that you can’t bear to give away, pin them to the felt or satin backing in the box, then cover that backing with the glass top. This is the perfect way to save ribbons, printed materials, corsages, and much more!

10. Repurpose Your Wedding Dress Fabric

The idea of cutting up your wedding dress might sound terrifying! You looked so hard for the perfect dress, and you never felt more beautiful than when you were in it! But do you really want to have it preserved and then stored in a box in the attic, never to be seen again?

What you could do is repurpose a tiny section of the fabric and have it turned into a doll-sized version of your wedding dress that you put on an American Girl doll, a Build-a-Bear, or another mini that could be a memento of your gown.

Bride putting on heels

If you plan on having children, you could save the fabric and turn it into an outfit for your baby to come home from the hospital or be christened in. There are so many fun ways to use your gown to make new memories!

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