The Best Face Exfoliators for Every Type of Skin

Posted May 11, 2022 by in Beauty
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Our skin naturally sheds dead skin cells, but it also leaves some behind, resulting in blocked pores and rough skin. If your skin could use some TLC, exfoliating using a face exfoliator is a terrific method to remove dead skin and give yourself a boost.

However, how can you pick the best one? This article lists the best chemical and physical exfoliants for the face.

The Difference Between Chemical and Physical Exfoliators

Before you even consider which exfoliating products to use, you should be aware that there are two types of exfoliants: chemical and physical.

Both chemical and physical exfoliants remove dead skin cells, although they do so differently. However, because of this distinction, exfoliating treatments exist in a wide range of formulas, including masks, scrubs, peels, serums, and more.

Physical Exfoliants. A physical exfoliant can do the trick if you’re trying to get your scrub on. Scrubs, scrubbing cleansers, and powders are the most common physical exfoliants.

Scrubbing with microscopic particles such as silica, powdered nutshells, sugar, seeds, and grains causes the dead skin cells to break down and be removed.

The benefits are generally immediate if you’re searching for rapid pleasure with flaky skin. However, it might irritate.

Chemical Exfoliants. As the name implies, this kind of exfoliant employs acids and enzymes to exfoliate dead skin cells without really scraping. Chemical exfoliants are commonly found in serums, peels, masks, moisturizers, and cleansers.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) are two of the most common chemical exfoliants.

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). AHAs are a kind of water-soluble chemical exfoliator that may minimize acne and acne scarring, unclog pores, improve hyperpigmentation, reduce premature aging symptoms, and increase moisture. They are recognized for leaving your skin feeling smoother since they focus on the top layer of your skin.
  • Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs). BHAs are very similar to AHAs, except that BHAs are oil-soluble, allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin than AHAs. As a result, they’re great for oily skin, acne, and blackheads. They’re also effective in reducing inflammation, which is an essential element to consider while dealing with acne.

The Best Chemical and Physical Face Exfoliators

Clinique Exfoliating Scrub. This water-based exfoliant is a go-to for those with oily or combination skin who want to clean up their complexion. It’s a mild scrub that helps to soften skin and unclog pores (thanks to the silica!). Salicylic acid also aids in the healing of existing breakouts and the prevention of new ones.

On the other hand, some reviews claim they miss the original formula’s minty menthol smell, and it does include a preservative (methylisothiazolinone) that can irritate the skin.

Skinfix Resurface+ AHA/BHA Niacinamide Exfoliating Pads. These pads are a quick and easy solution to eliminate excess oil on your skin, a primary cause of acne of all types. You can praise salicylic acid and niacinamide for their ability to combat oil ad acne. It also contains glycolic and lactic acids, two AHAs that can help decrease acne-causing bacteria and hyperpigmentation after acne.

Reviewers claim it works very well for dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and congested skin and that it has made a significant impact on their complexion. However, some people complain that the pads are overly dry. 

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. If you have sensitive skin and are concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, or blocked pores, Drunk Elephant may be your serum. It’s designed to resurface congested skin by removing any dead skin cells and improving the appearance of your skin. According to reviewers of all skin types, skin tone is smoother, brighter, and more even.

To exfoliate the skin, it contains an AHA combination that includes glycolic, lactic, tartaric, and salicylic acids and hydrating favorites glycerin and hyaluronic acid to avoid overdrying.

It also contains aloe and green tea extracts to reduce inflammation and grape juice extract, which is high in antioxidants and can assist with aging, skin redness, and acne.

It’s fragrance- and alcohol-free, making it an excellent choice for all skin types. Keep in mind that this one has a lot of active components, so take it gently at first.

Tatcha The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder. This non-abrasive exfoliant comes in the shape of a powder that turns into cloud-like foam that massages the face without depriving it of moisture.

Green tea, rice powder, and algae are essential substances for reducing inflammation and buffing away dead skin. Algae fight oxidative stress and improve collagen formation, while green tea helps to decrease inflammation. Furthermore, according to Zeichner, rice powder is an ultrafine exfoliant that is often suitable for sensitive skin.

This product has received rave reviews for its ability to reduce uneven skin tone and fine wrinkles. It’s also available in four distinct variations to help you figure out what kind of skin you have: normal to dry, normal to oily, dry, and sensitive.

SkinCeuticals Micro-Exfoliating Scrub. Because of the ultrafine silica, this scrub is soft enough to use regularly and delivers uniform exfoliation. Glycerin and aloe keep things hydrated and irritation-free, while vitamin E adds antioxidants to your daily dose.

According to reviewers with sensitive skin, it helps clean and exfoliate the skin without causing discomfort. Many people claim it’s the ideal scrub to use before applying full-face makeup. Others adore the soft-touch feel you receive from using it daily.

The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 100% + HA. It is understandable if you’re dealing with dry skin and are hesitant to exfoliate. The Ordinary’s serum contains mandelic acid, which has been proven helpful in treating acne without being as harsh as salicylic acid.

Every application also includes an ultra-nourishing boost of glycerin and hyaluronic acid and irritant prevention from Tasmanian pepper extract. This substance helps decrease itching and burning sensations.

After using the product, reviewers report experiencing smoother skin, less hyperpigmentation, and fewer acne lesions. Some people claim it caused them to break out, while others claim it’s merely a “purging” stage that will pass after a few weeks of use.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. This award-winning powder exfoliant is activated with water to generate a foam that contains salicylic acid, colloidal oatmeal, and rice actives, which assist in balancing out skin tone while also relaxing and decreasing redness. Green tea and licorice root extracts also help to keep your skin soothed.

On the other hand, Tea tree oil tackles mild to moderate acne, making it a suitable alternative for people who have both dry skin and oily skin.

Reviewers claim that the results were swift and caused little discomfort. Some people even refer to it as their “ride or die” exfoliant. Some Amazon reviewers claim to have gotten counterfeit goods, so do your research before clicking “add to cart.”

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When developing excellent skincare habits, regularly washing and using sunscreen is critical. On the other hand, exfoliation may be the unsung star of every skincare program. While your skin sheds typically dead cells, it isn’t always able to do so completely. For more information you can visit where you can get best exfoliator for clogged pores which will help in clearing your skin.