The Best (Free) Live Sports Streaming Sites

Posted February 1, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Watching Sports On TV

The consumption of digital media is on a rise like never before, and this shift of the audience to watch content online has opened doors to the popularity of various online streaming websites, and sports streaming websites are of the highly demanded niche of the digital streaming industry. In this article, we have curated 5 most popular websites and have discussed their pros and cons, in the hope to help you choose your favorite website to stream sports with the convenience and comfort of watching them in real time.

Following are the names of the top seven sports streaming websites on the internet.

  1. Streameast
  2. Fox Sports
  3. ESPN
  4. NBC Sports
  5. Hotstar

Streameast: It is one of the best websites with a convenient and visually pleasing user interface, the best part about it is a freemium service, which means you have the liberity to either stream any of your favorite sports for free, ranging from NBA streams to NFL streams and everything in between. Or you can also buy the pro version of it to get the option to enjoy streaming in the MultiStream mode, giving you the option to stream multiple sports at the same time.

FoxSports: This website was launched by the official Fox Sport network, in the year 2013, so that the users could enjoy watching their favorite sport even when they are away from tv. IN 2019, Fox Sports also launched some other websites and channels for the fans who are interested in streaming the sport in their regional language. 

But the limitation with this website is that the service isn’t provided in all the counties, and you may have to use VPNs to access it. Also, even though the website is free, you can’t stream without login through your TV provider.

ESPN: Because of an amazing panel of reporters and sports analyst, this website is great for watching the main key highlights of the sport, but when it comes to live online streaming, you will have to pay a subscription fee to watch it. And also, many countries don’t let you stream without a VPN.

NBC Sports: NBC Sports is one of the top broadcasting and streaming websites in the US, but being similar to ESPN and FOX, this too requires you to pay a subscription fee in order to stream your sport in the real time. But you can watch the highlight scores and timing of the sport for free. This website is also easy to use with a wide variety of sports related content.

Hotstar: This website is launched by the star sports network, and mainly targets Indian audience, and is geographically restricted to some countries but could be accessed through VPNs. Similar to Steameast, Hotstar is also a freemium streaming website, but the free version of it is often interrupted through ads, and one need to buy the premium version to watch the stream without the ad interruption. Apart from the sports streaming, hotstar also has a wide range of catalog of movies or watchcartoononline and shows for its audience to stream.