The Best Gadget Gifts for Christmas 2011

Posted December 20, 2011 by in Shopping

By: Nisha Sharma

Gadget lovers will have a merry time ripping into their presents this Christmas, whether it’s buying expensive presents or looking for freebies. The following is a collection of this year’s top-rated gadgets from $10 to $199.

1. Capacitive Gloves$10
Most smartphone users complain that they have to remove their winter gloves to use the touchscreen. These capacitive gloves have conductive fibers in the fingertips that activate the touchscreen. The gloves work on any smartphone, tablet computer and digital audio player. When deciding on a glove size, remember that a snug fit is needed to ensure contact with the touchscreen.

2. Exomount Universal Car Mount: $15

GPS service is a popular smartphone app, but drivers must hold the device while trying to navigate in unfamiliar territory. This adjustable car mount adapts to any smartphone and secures the unit firmly onto the dashboard where it can be easily seen.

3. X-Mini II Capsule Speaker: $25

Travelers will love this palm-sized, collapsible speaker that pumps out a powerful sound. It comes with a standard 3.5 mm jack and attaches to MP3 players, iPods, smartphones and almost any electronic device. For an even bigger sound, several X-Minis can be daisy-chained together. It comes in black, red and white.

4. TK 421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard: $30

This gadget ends the frustration of trying to type on a smooth touchscreen. The case has a swivel-out keyboard with tactile keys, putting an end to touchscreen typos. When closed, the keyboard is sandwiched inside the case, so keys won’t accidentally get pushed. The TK421 fits any iPhone.

5. Roku LT Streaming Player: $50

The Roku LT is a cute little purple box that allows viewers to stream videos to their television without hooking it to a computer. Movie lovers can stream videos from Netflix or Amazon Video on Demand. Music lovers can listen to Pandora or access the playlist from their MP3 player. TV lovers can stream shows from Hulu and more. It has a built-in WiFi, so every TV in the house can access Roku.

6. Western Digital My Passport Essential SE Ultra Portable Hard Drive: $119 -$174

This tiny storage device is like having an entire digital library or office files to go. The wallet-sized hard drive now comes in 750 GB and 1 TB capacities, plus many colors.

7. Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Sport Watch with Heart Rate Monitor: $185

Someone on Santa’s list may prefer working out and hiking to computer devices. This training tool helps athletes measure their speed and distance in real time, plus see if they are training at their target heart rate. With its GPS capability, it’s an essential tool for hikers and bicyclers. The watch comes in grey with a choice of pink or red stripe.

8. Sony MDR-NC200D Digital Noise-Canceling Headphones: $199

These lightweight headphones give listeners the sensation that they’re right in the recording studio with their favorite musician. They cancel 98.2% of ambient noise, so music lovers hear nothing but Sony-quality sound. One AAA battery supplies 22 hours of power to the headphones.

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