The Best Investment Pieces For Your Wardrobe

Posted December 15, 2020 by in Fashion

Every so often, your wardrobe will be in need of a revamp. Whether you decide to sell old statement pieces that you no longer wear or donate any unused basic items to your local charity store, you need to begin by clearing out some space. But how do you create a quality wardrobe once you’ve built such an empty hole in your once overflowing wardrobe? Through new investment pieces, of course!

Read on to find out more:

The Basics

It’s always important to begin with the basics, and when it comes to wardrobe essentials there are just a few pieces that you need to seek out. A quality pair of jeans is a must, so pick your preferred style (mom or skinny, boyfriend or high-waisted) and find a reputable brand that is known for durability.

Next, source a soft organic cotton t-shirt or tank top that you can pair with any casual outfit, as well as a simple knitted wool jumper or a branded jersey sweater for cold winter mornings. A professional fit is always a must, especially if you work in an office or similar environment, so find a set that suits you. Your set should include a pair of smart trousers such as a cigarette style and a sophisticated shirt, perhaps satin or silk in material, that doesn’t draw too much attention yet oozes class. 

Statement Pieces 

Statement pieces are perfect for a big night out, a special occasion or just a simple pick me up that can boost your confidence on a bad day, so they’re vital building blocks of a quality investment focused wardrobe. Think big brand dresses that grab your attention, and loud graphic tees that you can pair with jeans for more casual outings like morning coffee dates with friends.

Spend some time searching around on your favourite websites before making any decisions, as statement pieces are aplenty and there’s sure to be an amazing option just waiting for you to purchase!


Accessories are the smallest yet usually most expensive aspects of an outfit. A beautiful gold ring is likely to cost much more than the clothes that you are wearing, but this value will hold for years to come, rarely dropping in price.

Investment accessories like a Patek Philippe watch are sure to catch your eye, and you can continue to keep your clock until your next wardrobe refresh without losing any money when you come to resell and upgrade. Investing in a couple of pairs of shoes is a must, as you’ll need a set of casual shoes such as a big name brand trainer as well as a party shoe like a stiletto. 

With any luck, the ideas described above will help you to figure out how to invest in the best wardrobe yet. It’s never been easier to reflect your unique style through quality clothing and accessories, and you needn’t waste your most on fast fashion that lasts no longer than a few wears when you can find big name brands that hold their value. 

*Photo by EVG Culture.