The Best Places to Shop for Affordable D Cup and Plus-Size Swimwear

Posted August 21, 2019 by in Fashion/ Shopping
best places to shop for plus-size swimwear

Bathing suit shopping is one of my least favorite things to do. To find the one, you have to go through so much work. You end up trying on 10+ suites, when you find the one you love,  it’s either too big or too small, so you have to start all over again at a different store. Then you need to multiply that whole ordeal by five…at least that’s what’s it’s like for me.

Bathing suit shopping can be even more of a pain if you are plus-size and/or have a larger bust. I’m a 38 DD and I’m a size 12, so finding the perfect fit with a bathing suit is extremely difficult. Especially on a budget! Thankfully, I have found a few stores over the years that work for me. If you’re plus-size and/or you have a D cup or above, I highly recommend you give these affordable stores a try:

    • Target
    • Swimsuits for All
    • Torrid
    • Old Navy
    • SHEIN
    • ASOS Curve
    • Amazon
    • Forever 21+

It’s also the end of the summer, so many companies have their swimwear on-sale. Woot!! Take advantage of those sales, girl.

Want to see some of the above suits in action?

The suit I’m wearing below is from Target and I love it! I get compliments every time I wear it. Here is the thing about this suit…it’s not the one I ordered. Target messed up my order. Since the order didn’t arrive until the day before my vacation, I had to deal with it. Now it’s my favorite suit, so I guess it was meant to be.

Best swimsuits for girls with a D or DD cup

Crochet Swimsuit: $39.99 via Target

This is another Target swimsuit. It’s perfect for my larger bust and I feel very comfortable in it.

best swimsuits for girls with a large bust

Plunge One Piece Swimsuit: $39 via Target

The suit below is from the Gabi Fresh x Swimsuits for All collection. Since it was from last year’s collection, I got it for only $18. Woot!

GabiFresh x Swimsuits for All Collection

GabiFresh x Swimsuits for All Collection

This is another suit from Target (can you tell I like Target?!). I usually wear this suit when I want to avoid tan lines. There is little to no support, but this suit comes with removable straps if you need it/don’t care about tan lines. Target no longer sells this exact suit, but this one is very similar.

best swimsuits for plus-size girls

Where are your favorite places to shop for affordable plus-size bathing suits? Let us know in the comments below!

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d cup friendly swimsuits