The Best Tips on How to Sew Stretchy Fabric

Posted September 12, 2023 by in Lifestyle

Did you know the fabric industry has a $4.6 billion market size in 2022? You need to know how to sew stretchy fabric when using fabric to make clothing. Learning to sew all kinds of is essential, even though you may prefer one type.

Stretchy fabric is easy to sew if you know the proper technique. If you want to know more about sewing stretchy fabric, keep reading for essential tips that can help make your garments more durable. 

Selecting the Right Thread 

When selecting the right thread for sewing stretchy fabric, the most important tip is to match the stretch. Different types of fabric require different types of threads for maximum stretch and flexibility.

When selecting the thread, the most important factor to consider is the stretchability of the thread. Stretchy threads are great for fabrics with lots of stretch.

When stitching fabrics with a limited amount of stretch, choose a lightweight thread that won’t add extra bulk or weight to the garment. To ensure that the stretchy fabric doesn’t pucker or bunch, use short stitches that are small and close together.

Use the Right Stitch

Using the right stitch is essential when learning to sew. For most finishings, a stretch stitch should be used. This is a zigzag stitch, which gives the fabric leeway for movement.

For knits and jersey fabrics, a stretch overlock should be used – this prevents the seam from breaking apart or stretching too much, causing the fabric to fray. A straight stitch should be used when sewing stretchy fabric to non-stretchy ones, as this gives stability. Alternatively, you can use a light zigzag stitch, which should still give you some stretch.

To ensure the garment fits nicely, it is also essential to reduce the tension of the needle and loosen the presser foot. This lesser tension helps to prevent the fabric from puckering. 

Finish With Flair

One of the best tips on how to sew stretchy fabric is to finish with flair. To do this, use a twin needle when the stretchy fabric is sewn on a regular machine. This prevents the stitches from stretching out the fabric and causing them to pull apart.

When sewing, use a shorter stitch length for stretchy fabrics. You can shop for French terry fabric that is perfect for you when sewing.

With fabrics that contain more elastane or polyester, use a stretch overlock stitch or a zigzag stitch to give each row of stitching some stretch. Always press the seams of fabric with a steam iron as steam helps to relax the fibers.

For even better results, use a bias-cut binding tape or elastic band to add extra strength and stability to the seams. These steps to finish with flair will help ensure the garment looks its best every time.

Knowing the Basics of How to Sew Stretchy Fabric 

Learning how to sew stretchy fabric may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the best tips and techniques mentioned here will help you easily sew stretchy fabric. Start your next project today and experience the ease of sewing with stretchy fabrics.

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