The Best Ways to Create a Garden You Can’t Wait to Spend Time In

Posted March 3, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Nearly 13% of households in the UK don’t benefit from having a garden. There are many benefits to having a garden or an outside space at home. From the stress relieving qualities of being outside to family bonding, growing your own food, and having a space to exercise. Using it could improve your health.   

While many of us are locked down at home for the foreseeable future, if you are lucky enough to have a garden, here are our top tips for upgrading it into a space you love to spend time in:

Create a Truly Special Social Area

There are countless ways to create wonderful social areas in your garden. From heated alpine-inspired lodges to pergolas, decked areas and Tiki bars, the only limit is your imagination. One popular option is to install some decking or patio in your garden that becomes an extension of your interior living space. Kit it out with the forever fire pit and some garden furniture, and you have somewhere that everyone can congregate for a really fun time. Make sure you have some fantastic lighting options as well, so everyone is comfortable and you can keep the entertainment going on deep into the night. You can have an outdoor dining table there to entertain guests as well, or you might choose to have a BBQ there – the possibilities are endless. You can have some serious fun looking at ideas for this outdoor space, so get on it right away. 

Creating a dazzling social area in your garden will also make your garden somewhere friends and family want to spend time too. Perfect for catching up after a long time apart. 

Landscape with Trees, Plants, and Flowers

Making your garden more attractive to look at and more fragrant to be in will no doubt have you aching to spend more time in it. If your garden is currently bare or neglected, why not set about bringing it back to life with an abundance of flowers, plants and trees that make is as beautiful as it is to enjoy. 

It is important to consider the amount of sunlight your garden gets, as this will affect which plants will thrive in your garden. Talking to a green-fingered relative or enlisting the advice of your local garden centre can help you on your way to a gorgeous garden. 

Sometimes nature can have a mind of its own, and a shovel and pair of gloves just won’t cut it. For example, extreme weather could cause an old tree to collapse. This could be a huge safety hazard for both you and the structure of your home. If this is the case, a long term loan can help fund the experts to come take a look and rectify the issue.  

Start a Thriving Vegetable Patch

Growing your own vegetables is a wonderful way to use your garden. Once it is up and running you will constantly have a supply of fresh produce to create your favourite meals and new dishes. It will also get you out into the garden and keep you active. 

Growing vegetables is a physical activity so has many benefits to our health and well-being. Plus, you can enjoy sharing your fresh vegetables with neighbours, friends, and family. 

Invest in Great Outdoor Furniture

Whether it’s sun loungers, dinning tables or patio heaters, getting the right garden furniture is essential in making it a place you want to be.  Strike a balance between useful and weather resistant and stylish, so that your furniture looks good and lasts.

We hope these suggestions inspired you to start gardening while you’re stuck at home.

*Photos by Gary Barnes