The Big Joy of Small Living: The Park Model Cabin Lifestyle Is Pure Michigan

Posted June 12, 2023 by in Home

Michigan is famous for its untainted wilderness and wealth of outdoor activities that vary with the seasons: ice fishing, kayaking, biking, horseback riding, and hiking are just a few of the many opportunities available throughout the whole state. With so much to enjoy outside, the tiny house lifestyle makes perfect sense here, as it allows you to focus more of your time and energy on experiencing all that Michigan has to offer rather than holing up indoors. 

If you’re starting your search for a small and comfortable home that will let you live a more simplified life, you’ve probably come across park model cabins for sale in Michigan, and you might be wondering why these sturdy, well-designed cabins are the perfect option for the Wolverine State. Today, we’ll discuss the main reasons why you should place park model cabins at the top of your list for tiny house possibilities when seeking to downsize.

The naturalistic design looks wonderful in the rugged Michigan landscape, and it promotes a sense of well-being

There’s been plenty of research on the positive benefits of regular exposure to nature, and cabin living allows you to be even closer to all the glory that this Midwestern state has to offer. A log cabin will seamlessly blend into a plot of pine trees in a way that other tiny house styles, like a miniature Colonial or ranch, simply cannot; it also looks picture-perfect when placed on a lake shore or in a grassy field. You’ll truly feel as if you’re one with nature when you live in a warm, cozy cabin located in the big wilderness of Michigan. 

Depending on your municipality, you won’t pay property taxes or require building permits

Many people seek out tiny house living in order to minimize their costs, as modern living is incredibly pricey. The larger your home, the greater your expenses, whether it’s heating and cooling or electricity and general home maintenance; it makes sense, then, that when you shrink everything down to a more manageable size, you also worry less about your utility bills. 

However, you might not expect that, should you purchase a normal tiny home, you won’t be able to escape property taxes – and you might have to pay expensive permits in order to build the home, too. This is why a park model cabin is a great option for those seeking cost-saving measures: while it’s a similar size and price point to other tiny homes, it’s classed as a park model RV, meaning that it’s exempt from property taxes in most cities. While this might not necessarily seem like a big deal, it can save you hundreds of dollars each year, which quickly adds up to savings in the thousands. You also won’t need to deal with securing building permits, as the cabin is simply wheeled onto the property, ready to be hooked up to utilities.

If you decide to move, you can take your cabin with you

Speaking of wheeling your cabin in, you might be surprised to learn that park model cabins are actually transportable just like mobile homes are. While they’re not as easy to shift around as a traditional RV, you can certainly pack up and move with your house should you find a new opportunity in another part of the state, or simply grow tired of where you are at the moment. The transport process is not too different from that for a mobile home, and log cabins are incredibly hardy, able to withstand the wear and tear of relocation. 

When you get to your new property, all you have to do is hook the house up to utilities, just as when you initially purchased and placed it – it’s truly that simple. You don’t need to worry about losing your investment or dealing with the hassle of selling a house when you’re ready to move on; if you’ve decided to purchase a larger property because your life situation has changed, the cabin is small enough to place in a large backyard for use as a she shed or just additional living space.

Beautiful and built to last, log cabins afford you both security and freedom in equal measure

Michigan still preserves the pioneer spirit, and log cabins are one of the greatest symbols of this rough-hewn comfort: they hold a special place in the minds of many, so it’s no wonder that they’ve become a wildly popular choice for those seeking a simpler life. They look stunning in Michigan’s unspoiled wilderness, and they are cheaper in the long run than other tiny house options because of their reduced taxes. In addition, you can pack up and move a park model cabin, meaning that you can continue living there even if you relocate. There’s truly no better solution for those wanting to minimize their expenses. Consult with a reputable cabin builder to find which models and options are best for your specific goals, and soon enough you’ll be enjoying life under the wide-open Michigan sky, ready for years of earthy simplicity.