3 Brilliant Ways You Can Lose Weight This Summer

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There are so many different ways that you can lose weight. But it’s not as easy as looking at the scales and praying that the numbers are going down, you actually have to put in the ground work. And that’s the part that people struggle with the most.

It’s so easy to diet for a couple of days, and believe that you should have dropped all of the spare pounds that you were carrying. To see true results, you have to be able to stick at it for months, and you have to be consistent with what you do. Not only diet, but you also have to be consistent with exercise too. Buy a treadmill if you can’t go to the gym regularly. Read treadmill reviews to know which one is best.

At the end of the day, it’s no good dieting for a few days of the week, and then eating the biggest cheat meals that you can for the rest. So, this article is going to show you some of the brilliant ways that you can lose some weight, and hopefully feel super strong mentally and physically:

3 Brilliant Ways You Can Lose Weight This Summer // www.brokeandchic.com

Cardio Is Dead

Well, it isn’t, but it definitely isn’t the only thing that you should be looking to do. Cardio is a tried and tested method for losing weight, but it could be more than a walk in the park. In fact, it’s the reason why so many people struggle to get going, because the thought of running on a treadmill, or peddling as hard as you can on the bike, is draining enough. But one craze that everyone seems to be trying at the minute, is weightlifting.

Now this is truly amazing for helping you to shift some body weight, when combined with some cardio. But rather than spending the majority of sessions on the cardio machines, just do a ten minute warm up. Whether it be a quick inclined walk, or a light jog, all you need to do is get the blood pumping. Now, there are plenty of workout guides on the internet as to what weight lifting regimes you can follow, but there are also apps created by Instagram influencers, that will give you a week-by-week guide as to what to do.

Compound exercises that target multiple areas are going to be the best. This could even turn into a little side hustle type of career for you. There are so many Level 2 PT Qualifications that you could do, and become qualified to help people on a journey that you’re just starting. Because I promise that once you get into this, you will feel that gym addiction. You’ll become a stronger woman, and that’s just amazing!

3 Brilliant Ways You Can Lose Weight This Summer // www.brokeandchic.com

Weight Loss Groups

Weight loss groups are so good for giving you that motivation to stick to your journey. You become part of a club where everyone has the same goals, and judgement doesn’t exist.  It’s more about sharing achievements, recipes, and workout regimes that people like. In the UK, there will no doubt be a few of these groups in your local area that you could try out, but I understand it can make you feel a little nervous.

Slimming World is one of the most popular in the UK, and with hundreds of groups across in the nation, you’re bound to find one in your local area!  Going into something new and meeting new people, especially when it’s related to such a personal journey, can be really hard to do. But once you’re in there, we promise that the support you’ll have will be incredible, and we just think it’s the key to weight loss long term.

Without the group, you might not have that consistency each week of people guiding you, and being on the same journey as you. You never know as well, you might make a new friend or two along the way! If your local center that does it is just a little too far away for you to justify, there are plenty of online dieting groups that you could join that would have the same effect. In fact, it might even make it far easier for you to join, because you haven’t got the worry of having to meet new people in person!

3 Brilliant Ways You Can Lose Weight This Summer // www.brokeandchic.com

Family Motivation

We truly do believe that when you have your own family to look after, it makes it so much harder to keep yourself in line. Because your children and your partner might not be interested in the meals you’re making, so you’ll ultimately have to make one meal for all of you, and it will be the meal that they want the most. So, what you really need in your life, is a bit of family motivation to get you through. If you can get everyone on board, and on your healthy living journey with you, it will become so exciting for you to actually cook meals, eat healthy, and be doing it as a family!

Now, we know that most of you will worry about the meals, and whether the rest of your family will like them. But if you were to look into getting the Pinch of Nom book, the majority of the recipes in there are absolutely gorgeous, low fat and calorie, and very easy to make. So try it out, and get your whole family on board. 

Live with roommates? See if any of them want to join your health journey as well!

3 Brilliant Ways You Can Lose Weight This Summer // www.brokeandchic.com

Grocery Shopping Only Once a Week

To make sure that you’re not going off the rails for half of the week, you’re going to have to improve your weekly shop. So many of you will strategically miss out a couple of days, just because you know you could potentially get a takeaway. So rather than only shopping for half of the week, shop for seven days of the week, three meals a day. It takes out that need to have any junk food, as long as you keep the shop nice and healthy. Then, once every two weeks, you can have a little treat and order a takeaway. So it’s all about balance, because eating healthy 24/7 is only going to lead to disaster!

3 Brilliant Ways You Can Lose Weight This Summer // www.brokeandchic.com

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