The Broke Girl’s Guide To Flawless Skin

Posted July 17, 2015 by in Beauty

We all want a flawless face, right? I mean, who doesn’t want a face that looks as if it’s been airbrushed in real life? Luckily for you, I’m here to tell you how to do it! Anybody can achieve that flawless look, you just need to know the right techniques.

The Broke Girl's Guide To Flawless Skin //

Continue reading this guide for some valuable tips:

Keep Up A Regular Routine

The most important thing to do is keep up a regular routine. You can’t expect your face to be flawless if you’re not trying hard to get it that way! You need to cleanse, tone, and moisturize regularly. You should also set time aside each week to exfoliate and apply a face mask.

Just use products you love so that it isn’t a chore.

Use Products Suited to Your Skin Type

It’s so important that you use products suited to your skin type. If you don’t, you run the risk of making it worse. Don’t just use a product because it looks or smells nice, make sure it suits your skin type too. If you’re unsure, have a chat with somebody at a makeup counter to give you more advice.

Never Sleep With Makeup On

Sleeping with your makeup on can take you 10 steps back. Never, ever sleep with your makeup on. Even if all you can manage to do is run a wipe over your face, do that. Getting drunk is no excuse – lay your wipes out before you leave the house!

Give Skin a Break from Makeup

Don’t wear makeup every single day. Give your skin a break from makeup, or at least wear a lighter face a few days a week.

Always Apply an SPF

You should always apply an SPF, whatever the weather. This protects your skin from the harmful rays in the environment and all of the free radicals. You can find lots of moisturizers and foundations containing SPF these days. I personally love the Super BB Balm from Physicians formula! You can find it at the drugstore for under $13.

I haven’t tested it out yet, but COOLA recently launched a makeup setting spray that contains SPF. Fancy!

Treat Yourself Every So Often

Why not treat yourself to a salon treatment every so often? You could have a facial, or a treatment like microdermabrasion. If you’re unsure of what microdermabrasion actually is, take a look at Aquilah’s microdermabrasion guide. There are plenty of different treatments to suit different needs and skin types.

Use a Good Foundation

To get a flawless face with makeup, you need to use a good foundation. This doesn’t always mean spending a fortune; you can buy a good foundation for less than $10 these days. Again, you need to consider your skin type and needs before you can pick the right one for you.

Invest in Quality Makeup Tools

Quality makeup tools will help to enhance the effect of your makeup. Buy a good brush or blending sponge to make your foundation look amazing!

See a Doctor

If your skin seems beyond help, you may have a deeper problem at large. See a doctor for advice and perhaps for some medical treatment.

The Broke Girl's Guide To Flawless Skin

Use these tips and you’ll soon have a gorgeous, flawless face!