The Broke Girl’s Guide to Following Fashion Trends

Posted October 29, 2014 by in Shopping

Fashion trends come and go as fast as each passing day, so having an up-to-date wardrobe can be difficult. The biggest problem? A lack of funds. Shopping the latest trends on a regular basis gets expensive! Even if you’re going to stores like H&M and Forever 21. So if you’re working with a tight budget, or you’re trying to save money, staying current on fashion trends can seem almost impossible.

It would be easier to just stick with a closet full of classic items that never go out of style, but what is the fun in that? You should be able to partake in fashion trends regardless of your budget. So we’re here to teach you how!

Here’s the broke girl’s guide to following fashion trends:

fashion trends broke and chic

Only Buy Items That Work for Your Body and Style

It’s really easy for us girls to get carried away when it comes to trends. Especially when we keep seeing certain trends over and over on our favorite trend-setters — from fashion bloggers to celebrities.

If there’s a trend you’re interested in trying out, make sure it’ll look good on your body-type before you purchase. There’s nothing worse than feeling insecure in a new outfit. You can also invest in undergarments such as shape-wear and t-shirt bras. The right undergarments can help make those trendy items fit better.

Don’t Get Blinded by Designer Brands

Designer labels are often a sign of good quality, so only go designer if you plan on using/wearing the piece for a long time. For trendy items that will go out of style quickly, avoid designer brands and try to find a replica at a less expensive store.

Take Your Time

Trendy items are often impulse buys for many of us. Impulse buying is something that all women should try to avoid, because it often leads to items that sit in women’s closets untouched, and additionally, buyer’s remorse.

Instead, women should take some time to consider trendy fashion items. When shopping, put your favorite items on hold overnight. If you still want them in the morning, then go for it. Or just come back another day to ensure the buy is not based on impulse.

Think about Cost-Per-Wear

Cost-per-wear is an equation you should use every time you go shopping. Simply multiple the cost of an item, by the amount of times you plan on wearing it to get a rough cost-per-wear figure. That way you can invest more money on items you know you’ll wear often — like jackets and shoes.

Shop Your Own Wardrobe First

Before you go shopping, re-evaluate your current wardrobe. Can something be altered to fit a new and exciting trend? Can you pair old items with new? Play around a bit!

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