The Broke Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts—from Traditional to Unique

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When it comes to buying gifts for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, it’s good to be on top of things and plan ahead. Thanks to the internet (we love you interwebz!), gift giving is easier than ever. You don’t even need to leave the house!

By ordering now, you’ll avoid the usual V-Day panic (you know what I’m talking about). But what if you’re tired of giving the same old, same old?

For some gift inspo, check out our budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift guide. Whether you want to be more traditional, or super romantic, we’ve got you covered!

The Broke Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts -- from Traditional to Unique


Below are some not-so-basic ways to give traditional Valentine’s Day gifts:


Is your partner a chocoholic? Instead of giving a box of chocolates, change it up a bit. Go to your local candy shop to buy a few candy bars that are popular in other parts of the world. You’ll both have a blast trying new candy! Don’t know what to get? We’re in love with Kinder Bueno (Germany), Aero Bars (U.K.), and Lion Bars (U.K.).

Love to bake? Consider making your own chocolate and candy instead.


Who says flowers are only for the ladies? If your partner loves the smell of your perfume, he’ll most likely love the smell of flowers too. Choose something that you know will look great at home or even something sentimental like a bouquet similar to your wedding bouquet or the first flowers they gave you when you started dating.

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, get your flowers delivered to your partners work place. You could even get them delivered a few days earlier than the day itself to let them know you couldn’t wait to treat them! 

To make your life easier, order your flowers online with Fresh Flowers if you’re based in Australia. Fresh Flowers offer a wide rang of stunning bouquets, but they also stock many other gifts. Since they have same-day delivery, they might be your lifesaver. If you’re based in the States, you can send a fresh bouquet of flowers through Amazon via Benchmark Bouquets for less than $50.

Think flowers are too pricey? If you’ve been together for five years or less, send a rose for every year you’ve been together (so’cute)! It’ll be cheaper that a whole bouquet, and the romance level is still sky-high.

Soft Toys

Instead of buying a cute teddy bear, consider getting your partner something a bit more meaningful and useful. Like a pillow! Society6 has a great selection of pillows that will liven up any home. How can you say no to a panda or Totoro floor pillow?

The Broke Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts -- from Traditional to Unique


Want an extra dose of romance on Valentine’s Day? Consider one of these options:

Movie Night

Consider having an at-home movie night. Buy some popcorn, order a pizza, and watch a movie on Netflix. What’s more romantic than cuddling?


Get creative by making your gift this year. Make a really nice card, make dinner, make a candle that smells like pine, or just write what you love about your partner on post-it notes and stick them all over their bedroom or car.

The Broke Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts -- from Traditional to Unique


Who says Valentine’s Day has to be all about stuffed animals and candy? Here are a few gift ideas for the unique couple:


If you’re a food loving couple, consider giving the gift of home cooking with Blue Apron or Hello Fresh. Both companies send you all the ingredients to make a variety of different dishes.


Does your partner care about their wardrobe? If so, consider giving them a watch. It’s not cute (or cuddly), but it is useful! They’ll also never be later for a date again — J/K!

We’re currently loving the watches from BREDA — they’re affordable and stylish.


Do you both love Instagram? Social Print Studio allows you to turn your favorite Instagram photos into framed photos, posters, T-shirts, and even mini books! All for a good price.

The Broke Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day Gifts -- from Traditional to Unique

What was your favorite Valentine’s Day gift? Let us know in the comments below!

*We teamed up with Fresh Flowers for this post. 

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