The Complete Guide to Finding the Perfect Shoes for Your Linen Dress

Posted July 14, 2022 by in Fashion

You’ve just purchased a stunning linen dress from Reformation, a brand near and dear to your heart because you love their sustainability mission as a climate-positive company. You are ready to rock a comfortable look all year long safe in the notion that in case you no longer want it, you can take advantage of the RefRecycling program. Now, the only thing you need to complete your outfit is a pair of shoes. 

Choosing which shoes to go with your linen dress really comes down to your personal style and comfort and when and where you’ll be wearing them. Linen dresses are extremely versatile, so you likely want to have a few options to pair with your dress so you can change up your look no matter what the occasion. 


One of the greatest appeals of wearing linen is that it’s incredibly comfortable. The material is soft, breathable, and lightweight. If you’re looking for a shoe that will provide the same level of comfort and you’re creating a casual look, sneakers are the way to go. Sneakers paired with a linen dress, whether it’s short, midi, or maxi in length, look ultra-chic. Wear sneakers with linen all year round.


If you need more of an elevated look but still want to maintain comfort, flats are the perfect option. While sneakers definitely give off a more casual vibe, pairing flats with your linen dress can appear dressed up or dressed down. Slip on a pair of simple black or tan flats to complement the neutrals in your linen dress or opt for a bold color or pattern to make a statement. Flats are a great choice to pair with linen dresses, such as the Gitane Linen Dress from Reformation, in every season. 

Gitane Reformation dress
Gitane Linen Dress


You can never go wrong with a pair of stylish heels and your new linen dress. Heels will instantly add a glamorous look to your dress, whether you choose a short kitten heel or a tall stiletto. It’s a great option for any time of year. For some fantastic collections of heels that will give your attire a beautiful touch, checkout

If you’re on the hunt for a shoe to pair with your linen dress for summertime, block heels are the way to go. Block heels are a very popular style for summer footwear and would pair well with dresses like the Weiss Linen Dress from Reformation. Plus, these are super comfortable which will only add to the comfort you’re already enjoying by wearing linen. 

weiss reformation dress
Weiss Linen Dress


Espadrilles are another great summer shoe due to their comfort. Similar to linen, espadrilles are made of lightweight and breathable material, which makes linen and espadrilles the perfect pair. Espadrilles feature a platform heel to give you both height and comfort. The full heel allows for just the right balance of weight so your heels don’t feel stressed. Espadrilles are a great in-between shoe because they don’t look too casual but they don’t have an overly formal look either. 


Sandals are a must-have summer shoe when you’ll be spending the season in dresses and, of course, this type of shoe pairs very well with linen. Sandals come in a variety of heel sizes and even flats, so you can find whichever style you feel more comfortable with to pair with your linen dress. Opt for a flat hand made leather sandal for a casual summertime look, like if you’re having a relaxing beach day and wearing a short dress. If you’re going to a summer wedding, a heeled sandal helps elevate your linen dress look.

isles linen dress from reformation
Isles Linen Dress


For the effortless fashionista, slides are the perfect shoe. Whether it’s a slip-on sandal or a heeled mule, pulling together a last-minute, out-the-door look with your linen dress will be a breeze. You don’t have to sacrifice your look with slides. These are simple to wear in a casual setting, like with the ultra-chic yet simple Aubree Linen Dress, or something more formal. Either way, the ease is there for you to enjoy.

Aubree reformation dress
Aubree Linen Dress


For a casual look during the spring, summer, or fall, loafers pair well with linen dresses. Loafers give off a very coastal vibe that’s super in right now. You can find loafers that are chic and formal or loafers that have a more casual look. 


If you’re looking to maximize your linen dress by wearing it all year long, jules boots are a great choice to buy footwear to match your outfit. A pair of booties that hit mid-calf or a pair of ankle boots will look effortlessly chic. A neutral bootie will pair well whether you have a solid-colored linen dress or a patterned linen dress. You can also choose a bootie with a heel height that’s most comfortable for you. There are plenty of options to choose from.

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