The Cultural Wonders: Armenia’s Top 10 Tourist Hotspots

Posted December 23, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Lake Sevan, Armenia

There are some locations around the globe that are so intriguing you just have to put them on your list of places to visit and Armenia is one of those fascinating destinations.

Once you find the right Armenia tour package and your travel date is set, you may want to make a list of all the top cultural hotspots for your itinerary. Here is a look at some of Armenia’s wonders that deserve to be on that list:

places to visit in armenia

This Historical City Is a Must-see for Your List

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia and is a good place to start because it is fascinating and historical in equal measure.

The capital is known as the City of Cafes so you won’t be short of somewhere to stop for refreshment during your visit while you take in the amazing sights of this amazing and iconic city.

Yerevan Armenia


Explore an Unspoiled Part of Armenia

Head to Shikahogh State Reserve and you will be in one of the largest forest reserves in the country which is home to plenty of wildlife and a dazzling array of plant species to appreciate.

Shikahogh Reserve Armenia

Check out This Awesome Lake

There is a majestic beauty about a lake view and Lake Sevan ticks all the right boxes as the country’s largest lake. It’s big as well as beautiful and there are even beaches along the shores of some parts of Lake Sevan.

Lake Sevan Armenia

The Best National Park

Armenia has four national parks and Dilijan is considered to be the crown jewel. This park plays host to many of Armenia’s most treasured cultural locations and that is reason enough to put Dilijan on your list of places to visit.

Dilijan National Park Armenia

Armenia’s Highest Peak

If you have a head for heights you might want to visit Mount Aragats as it is Armenia’s highest peak. The reward for climbing to the top will be stunning views of this beautiful country.

By Alexander Mkhitaryan B

You Can’t Miss Out on a Monastery

You will soon discover that Armenia is truly blessed with some awesome historical sights and monasteries are a defining feature.

Noravank is definitely one monastery to single out as this 13th-century monument is truly iconic.

Noravank Armenia

Head Back to the City

If you want to enjoy some more city sights you should consider going to Gyumri, which is the country’s second-largest city. There are plenty of cultural highlights to see here including museums and some fascinating ancient buildings.

Gyumri Armenia

This Fortress is a Real Stunner

If history is your thing,  you really do have to add the Amberd Fortress to your itinerary. Dating back to the 7th century, it is a very photogenic tourist attraction.

Amberd Fortress, Armenia

A Winter Destination

If you are visiting Armenia during the winter months you will probably want to go to Tsahgkadzor, which is great for skiers and boasts some top-notch hotels and entertainment options to enjoy.

Tsahgkadzor Armenia

By Serouj Ourishian

One of Several World Heritage Sites

The fact that Armenia has more than one World Heritage Site should tell you that this is a country that is historical as well as beautiful and the Upper Azat Valley richly deserves its place on that exalted list.

Upper Azat Valley

These hotspots are all worthy of a visit when you come to Armenia and you might struggle to narrow the list down if you can’t visit them all during your stay. 

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