The Difference Between Cheap & Expensive Shoes

Posted January 23, 2012 by in Health + Fitness

The difference between cheap and expensive shoes is usually arch support. The arches allow your feet to support the weight of your body in its standing position with the least amount of stress. Without proper support, your whole body can be affected.

The culprit to your knee, hip and lower back pain could have to do with cheap shoes. Our feet were meant to walk on earthy surfaces such as sand and dirt. Not that hard concrete we rely on now — it has no shock absorption.

Since cheaper shoes are meant to fit everyone, they don’t come with the proper support your feet need and deserve, just a flat lifeless sole. Low-end companies want to produce as many cute, cheap and fashionable shoes as possible to make a profit — your overall health and well being not even being considered.

If you put your feet into a more expensive pair of shoes, you’ll feel one main difference: comfort. You’re much better off spending money on two pairs of expensive shoes that can handle daily wear and tear for years than buying twenty cheap and uncomfortable pairs that’ll constantly be replaced.

Unfortunately, most of us broke fashionistas don’t have an extra $300 laying around. If you still need to rely on those cheaper shoes there’s a way to support your arches on a budget.

Here’s How

All you’ll need is a pair of Dr. Scholls arch support inserts — you’ve probably already seen them in your local pharmacy. They cost between $10-20, and all you have to do is slide them into your shoes every morning before you leave. One pair can last you six months with daily wear, giving you the much-needed support and comfort of quality shoes…for less!

Our favorite fashionable shoe that offer great support are…Doc Martens! They last forever and are under $140. What’s your favorite fashionable yet comfortable shoe?