The Five Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Posted December 20, 2019 by in Fashion
woman holding diamond necklace

Ladies who wear jewelry every day must choose pieces that match the situation. You can create a large jewelry collection that consists of all the pieces listed below. Plus, you may find a signature piece that you wear every day.

Once you have all the right jewelry, you will look perfect when preparing for work, a date, a day out shopping, a vacation, or any special event.

If you’re just starting to build your jewelry collection, be sure to consider the accessories below:

jewelry collection
  1. Bracelets

A Pandora diamond bracelet may be your formal bracelet that is worn with suits and formal dresses. You may wear freshwater pearl bracelets because you want to add a bit of casual color to your wrist, or you could wear a heavy bangle because you want to look powerful.

Bracelets can be worn tight around the wrist, or you may collect several bracelets around your wrist that all hang low.

bangle bracelets
  1. Rings

You may wear a wedding ring every day, or you may use rings as a way to decorate your hands. Even if you wear a wedding ring, you should decide what to wear on your other hand. You may choose a strong piece of jewelry for your right hand, or you could wear three rings together on your ring, middle and forefinger.

The rings should add color and shine to your wardrobe. Plus, you can wear different rings for different occasions. A bit of costume jewelry might be exciting if you are dressing for a night out. You could wear a unique ring made of a strange material when you are shopping with your friends. Plus, you might wear formal rings that match your personality. Do not be afraid to experiment with rings, interchange them, or wear several of them at once.

woman with tattoos wearing lion ring
  1. Earrings

Earrings are a fun thing to play with every day. Earrings often provide you with the most variety in your jewelry box. You can wear a unique pair of earrings every day, and you can buy special earrings for low prices that will compliment your clothes. You may choose to wear pearl earrings every day, or you might wear large hoops when you go out for the night.

You may wear diamond studs if you want something formal, or you could purchase comical or novelty earrings that are fun to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. Make sure that the personality of your earrings matches the personality of the clothes you are wearing. Serious clothes require formal earrings, and fun clothes require fun earrings.

Textured gold hoop earrings
  1. Necklaces

You may wear a signature necklace every day because it has a special message or features a special design. Some women may wear their old class ring around their neck, or they may wear their mother’s wedding ring, father’s wedding ring, or a family signet ring on a chain. You can wear a necklace that has a single jewel or stone. You could purchase a necklace that is a simple chain, or you could choose a necklace that is made from unique materials or features unique colors. Brass beads necklaces are also a good choice.


Necklaces may be layered if you have a short, medium, and long necklace that you love. Plus, you may choose a choker or collar because you want to bring attention to your neck and face. These accessories are also a fantastic chance to have a statement piece on you at all times.

Religious women often wear a catholic cross necklace that represents their faith and serves as a reminder of God’s guidance. You can find necklaces with crosses in all shapes, sizes, and colors, to match your personal style.

blonde woman wearing silver jewelry
  1. Watches

Watches are a great signature item for women. If you have found a watch that you love, you can wear that watch every day. If you want to wear a nice watch to work and formal events, you can set that watch aside for those events. You may not choose to wear a watch because you wear bracelets, or you might use a pocket watch because you want to add a bit of androgyny to your look.

Choosing jewelry, finding a signature look, and combining jewelry helps women look amazing every day. You can build a large jewelry wardrobe that is easy to use, and you can combine your jewelry in different ways every day.

If you have something special that you like to wear every day, you can build your wardrobe around that piece. If you are a formal and serious person, wear your most formal jewelry. People who are a bit more whimsical can wear fun jewelry that shows off unique colors.