The Health Benefits of Spending More Time on or Near the Ocean

Posted November 26, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

We all remember when we were younger and mum or dad suggested that we take a trip to the ocean. You did not have to be asked twice and your swimwear and bucket and spade were in the car in no time. Nobody enjoyed having to leave the seaside after spending time there and there were tears every single time. We have a fascination with the ocean and the first opportunity that we get, Australians are heading there in numbers. It is because living near or on the ocean is good for us and there have been many studies on this fact.

Having a home near the ocean can be really expensive and so this is beyond many of our budgets. It doesn’t mean however that we can’t make time to go there and sail on a boat or do some other activity that allows us to be on the water. The good news is that there are numerous accessories that you can get to fill up a whole day and you get them here at Once you have everything that you need, you then get to enjoy the many health benefits that being on or near the ocean provides.

Woman sitting on beach with dog on a chilly day
  • The outdoor life – If you are stuck indoors all the time, then there is no incentive for you to move and you will just watch TV all day. Being outside and especially on a beach gives you the motivation to try water sports or to enjoy a boat ride and that can address health problems. All of that sun, sea and sand encourages you to take a long walk and to breathe in all of that fresh air.
  • Lower stress & anxiety levels – It’s fairly likely that your doctor has already told you that your stress levels are through the roof and if you don’t do something about your current lifestyle then you will end up having a heart attack. Just sitting by the ocean causes your body and your stress levels to reduce almost immediately. It is the calming effect of the waves and the noises that you hear there.
Woman walking the beach in a trench coat on a chilly fall day

If you want to feel healthier and you want to feel much younger than you actually are, then you need to spend more time on or by the sea. There are so many ways that this can happen and there are stores out there like the one above that can provide you with numerous options.