The Hidden Mystery Behind Why Cats Like Shoes

Posted December 15, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Cats are animals that have a lot of quirky behaviors and they often do things that can be hard to understand at times. If you’ve noticed your cat likes your shoes and are getting worried, you shouldn’t. It’s perfectly normal for your cat to play with your shoes or pieces of clothing.

Some cat owners have spoken of their cats trying to wear their raincoat – don’t believe us? Check out PetStruggles for the story! Some cats were even able to wear their owners’ coats even though it was most likely oversized. In this article, you will learn why your cat likes your shoes and other things you own.

It Reminds Them of Their Owner with the Smell

Cats often associate their owner’s smell with comfort. Your unique smell most likely makes your cat feel safe and gives them a warm fuzzy feeling. When you’re at work or while you’re away, your cat will go to places that have your smell—like your shoes, socks, shirts, etc.

Another reason why they’re always with your shoe is because they are trying to mark their territory. Cats have scent glands in areas of their face, so by rubbing their face on your shoes, they’re staking their claim. Believe it or not, your cat most likely visits your wardrobe a lot when you are MIA, but you only notice it when they’re with your shoes. Your shoe is most likely their favorite article of clothing because you sweat in your feet, and that is where a lot of your scent is. If your cat likes you, they’ll also really like your things.

They Can Be the Perfect Place to Crawl Inside

Your big shoes, rain boots, and boots are most likely the shoes your cat likes the most. Why? It’s a warm and comforting place. If you have really bulky shoes with insulated lining, your cat will always try to burrow into them. Why? Because they are warm and comforting. Your cat probably doesn’t have any place to go to or lay that keeps that warm.

If your cat has a warm and comforting place they can seek comfort, they won’t tamper with your shoes as often (most likely). You can try something out today:

Try to arrange a very warm blanket in the shape of a cot and place it next to your shoe rack. Your cat’s curious nature will most likely get the best of them, so they will enter the blanket. Once your cat sees that there’s another place that offers the comfort your shoes provide, they will leave your shoes alone. While it’s true that providing alternative comfort options for your cat can sometimes deter them from using your shoes as a cozy spot, it’s not a guaranteed solution and get more facts here You could also leave one of your old shirts in their cat bed so they can always be around your scent.

An interest in your shoes or clothes is a very normal thing for cats, so you should not be worried. You can try getting a shoe for your cat and locking your shoe rack in your wardrobe if it bothers you. You can also try to leave clothes you no longer use for them so they can cuddle with it.

The important thing is to understand your cat so you will know what to do. You should not be bothered about your cat’s interest in your shoes unless they are leaving you a nasty surprise. In that case, you need cat diapers. If you want your shoes to be left alone, then provide your cat with a place they can go to seek warmth. 

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