The Impact of Fashion on our Mental Well-Being

Posted December 3, 2021 by in Fashion

Looking at the motley and variegated crowd, in any case, we will be able to divide them into certain groups that adhere to a certain style at one time or another!

Fashion and style is an excellent tool and research method that allows us to understand a person, on the one hand, on the other hand, it is a visual form of communication, knowing how to use which, we will be able to tell others about ourselves more.

Today we buy many times more clothes than 20-30 years ago when we had to stand in queues for clothes or “get them” by acquaintances from speculators and off-brand marketeers. Prices for clothes have become lower, clothes have become available to everyone, we pay attention to how we dress, much more carefully than during the Soviet period.

Why does fashion affect life? Why are we so attentive to how we look?

The answer may seem equally complex and simple at the same time. Fashion and style are a part of our life, and already an integral part! Having understood the influence of style and fashion on our life, we will come to a more interesting and deeper understanding of the processes that affect not only our choice of attire but also, in general, certain changes, from psychological to ecology, that affect our life. and on society as a whole.


Once upon a time, heels were invented in order to make the lady’s leg more graceful, and the lady herself a little higher. If we go to costume museums in any country, we can see the whole process of evolution of this complex element of footwear. In modern times, as you can see, the heel has remained only for certain occasions and dress codes.

Although, more recently, we wore heels both to the feast and to the world! Now beautiful convenience is at the forefront! And also self-confidence is what allows modern women to abandon this element of clothing.


Roughly the same processes are taking place in the trends of makeup and decorative cosmetics. Again, turning to history, we can see powdered wigs, and deliberately plucked eyebrows and bleached faces in the fashion of a certain time, now life has become faster and more dynamic, therefore, what we demonstrate outside is changing. Makeup has become more natural, but by no means simpler!

Technologies have appeared, new tools have appeared. And often you even need to learn more to make your face look fresh, natural than just buying something in a cosmetic supermarket and putting on makeup the old-fashioned way.

And yes, someone can confidently walk without makeup, someone learns to create a natural, beautiful complexion using cosmetics, someone uses them more, someone less! The main thing in this story is that now there is a choice, and every woman can make it the way she likes it, how she is comfortable and comfortable! And this is also a trend of fashion, a new manifestation of the style of every woman!


Reflection in the mirror – you may or may not like it. But when we like it, we perceive it as something that connects our inner and outer manifestation: we like the way we feel in certain clothes, with certain accessories. If you want to dress up to fashion you choose reliable clothing collections like Frank and Eileen

It looks like a kind of exploration of the nooks and crannies of our consciousness, which speaks of our different manifestations in different life situations, with different moods.

Philosov Lars Svendsen finds that there has been a shift in human identification. In modern culture, people are looking for themselves not only inside, but also outside. (“Dress Code”, Marie Grinde Arntzen).

The reflection in the mirror is more important to us. And we build self-identification through our appearance! Svendsen also says: “We are looking for identity in the body, and clothing is its direct continuation. That is why clothes are becoming so important for us! ”

Trace the stories of the heroes of literature and cinema, how the authors describe them, how the dressers dress, find a connection with what the dresser or the author wants to say about his hero.

Positive Factors

Fashion and style are two whales that help a modern person to self-identify in society. At the same time, regardless of how you will apply the style in your life.

You can deny all the rules and dress codes, but you will wear something even if you do not accept the requirements of the “blue suit” dress code. You will tell about yourself with a silk dress in serious negotiations. You will confirm that you are wearing a silk dress by what you say and create a certain impression.

You can follow the dress codes and be in the flock of those you live and work with, and wear sneakers when taking your child out into the woods because it’s comfortable. You will wear red (or, for example, gold sneakers) because you want to, so your personality says so. But you still show yourself through clothes.

*Photos by Liza Summer