The Importance of Legalizing Marijuana for Therapeutic Purposes: A Full Guide

Posted March 3, 2023 by in Health + Fitness

To say that marijuana is not a controversial plant would be dishonest. Millions of people oppose its legalisation and use. However, most of these people’s opinions regarding marijuana are rooted in lies and misjudgements. For example, a lot of people still think that using the drug can cause schizophrenia however the condition can only be caused by the plant if users were already prone to developing it; many other things can cause schizophrenia too like stress and anxiety but they are not outlawed.

This post will tell you why legalising marijuana is important.

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Medical Usage

As a healthcare treatment marijuana holds a lot of promise. Countless studies have shown that the plant can be used to improve people’s health. One of the best things about the plant is that it does not have any side effects which makes it a superior treatment to common pharmaceutical drugs. Using the plant is therefore a great way to remedy any ailments you have. It was marijuana’s immense promise as a medical treatment that led to its initial legalisation in the first place. Because of its benefits, you can now pick up a Mississippi, Texas or Pennsylvania medical marijuana card with ease. These states have strict drug laws otherwise so the fact that the drug is legalised medicinally in them says a lot. Some of the things marijuana can be used to treat include:

  • Generalised anxiety disorders and PTSD
  • Chronic depression
  • Bodily inflammation and pain
  • Alzheimer’s disease and other inflammatory conditions
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Insomnia and sleeplessness

Despite marijuana’s medical uses lawmakers continue to fight against the plant’s widespread legalisation. If you are unfortunate enough to live in a state where the drug is not legal then you must sadly follow your state’s laws. Breaking the law could result in arrest or fines.

Marijuana Campaigning

If the drug is not legalised in your state but you think that it could help you then start campaigning for the plant’s legalisation. The more people who campaign the better. When people campaign for marijuana’s legalisation attention their efforts attract media attention. Media attention can sometimes compel lawmakers to enact laws in favour of the campaigners’ causes. It tends to be Republican states with the most draconian drug laws; many Democratic politicians advocate for the drug’s use. As the such vote for the Democrats if you want it legalised.

Campaigning is something that should only be done peacefully. Do not start advocating for it violently or aggressively. Such behaviour will turn the average off of the idea of legalising the drug. You should write, submit and file petitions in favour of the drug’s legalisation and may want to consider putting flyers up in your local area; if you are unable to successfully facilitate the plant’s legalisation then you might want to move to another state. Moving to another state can be stressful but is easily the most effective way of being legally allowed to use marijuana.

Mental Health Disorders

Why should marijuana be legalised you ask? As mentioned earlier the drug holds a lot of promise as a treatment for all manner of illnesses and diseases. Many people overlook the immense promise marijuana holds as a mental illness treatment. Right now more people are suffering from anxiety and depression in the United States than ever before. Experts say rising mental health rates are due to the COVID lockdown and ensuing cost of living crisis. Mental health disorders can make living one’s life almost unbearable. Fortunately, marijuana can be used to treat them. Until lawmakers make the plant legal, however, the mentally ill cannot benefit from the plant.

It should be noted that marijuana as a treatment for anxiety is a tricky subject. Some people have very bad reactions to marijuana, i.e., panic attacks and worsened anxiety. Other people find that it works really well for them. If you are planning on taking it then you need to make sure that it is beneficial for you personally. To do this experiment with it. If it makes your anxiety worse then find another treatment. As a treatment for depression, marijuana tends to be highly effective, however.

Obtaining A Marijuana Permit

A marijuana permit isn’t hard to come by in states where the drug has been legalised for medical use. As long as you have a logical reason for needing a prescription you will get one. Doctors do not make the criteria for obtaining permits particularly strict. That being said in some states acquiring a permit can be challenging, like in Texas for example. In order to get one you will need to be able to prove that the condition you are suffering from is longstanding and cannot be treated by anything else. Generally speaking, doctors will ask you to try different treatments first before prescribing marijuana. If they see no change in your condition from other treatments only then will they give you permission to use marijuana.

If you are planning on applying for a permit then you need to be honest. Giving misleading information to your doctor in order to get a marijuana permit will likely get you into trouble. Doctors are very good at determining when people are lying to them. If you do not use the alternative medicines prescribed to you prior to marijuana prescription your doctor will likely be able to tell too.

Illegal Cultivation and Use

Cultivating and using marijuana without your state’s permission can get you into a lot of trouble. While marijuana might seem like a harmless, innocent drug there are still stiff sentences given to people found guilty of using it illegally. Do not take any chances with your freedom. While it is unlikely you will get sentenced to a period of imprisonment for minor possession and cultivation, it can still stop you from being able to get certain jobs in the future. The illegal use of marijuana is therefore something that you need to avoid at all costs if you care about your life. If it is legal for recreational use in your state then you will be able to legally grow it in small amounts. Do not exceed the permitted growth amount, however.

The benefits of regular marijuana use do not really need to be explained because by now everybody knows about them; for years, marijuana’s benefits have been openly advertised and broadcasted by those with expertise in the subject. If you are interested in making use of it then only do so if it is legal where you live.