The Importance of Warming up and Cooling Down in Weightlifting

Posted January 9, 2023 by in Health + Fitness

With the New Year officially here, many are looking at ways they can improve their fitness in 2023. But a good workout doesn’t just happen by hitting the gym. Both warming up and cooling down are crucial elements of a good workout, increasing your heart rate and blood flow to enhance your performance and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Warming up and cooling down doesn’t just apply to gym workouts but weightlifting too and using the best dumbbell set is just one way to prepare your body for exercise. Find out more about the importance of warming up and cooling down in weightlifting below! 

Increase Your Range Of Movement

Weightlifting requires you to use a range of muscle groups in the body including the arms, shoulders, back and chest as well as your core, legs and glutes. To perform optimally, you need to have a good range of motion. Warming up provides this, increasing your heart rate and activating the connections between your muscles and nerves to naturally improve your range of movement. 

Reduce Injury Risk

Regardless of your experience weightlifting, it’s important to never skip your warm up or cool down. Making the time for both at the start and end of your workout will help to reduce your injury risk both whilst you’re working out and after your session. This is because warming up loosens your joints and increases the blood flow to your muscles, reducing the likelihood of them ripping, tearing or twisting. Not only will this help you get back in the gym quicker for your next session, but help you achieve your fitness goals much quicker. 

Less Muscle Soreness

Although it can be tempting to skip warming up and jump straight into your weightlifting session, it’s important to make time for it. Warming up increases your heart rate, which escalates your blood flow. As a result, more oxygen is able to reach your muscles, improving your range of motion. Due to this, you’re less likely to experience soreness post-workout and even the next day, speeding up your recovery time and helping you get back into the gym quicker. Cooling down has the same effect, restoring your resting state and reducing the development of lactic acid.

Set Up For Permanent Change

One of the biggest benefits of warming up in weightlifting is your ability to drive permanent change. By giving your body the opportunity to warm up, you’re not only increasing your range of motion and loosening your joints ready for the sets ahead, but the increased blood flow to your muscles will help to aid your muscle growth, helping you achieve your fitness goals. Importantly, it’s important to not increase the volume of weight you lift significantly overnight. Progress takes time and you should aim to increase the amount you lift every 3 to 4 weeks to give your muscles enough time to adjust and grow before setting a new challenge. 

woman in dusty pink shirt lifting a bright purple hand weight

With 2023 finally here, now’s the perfect time to start your fitness routine for the New Year. Just don’t forget to factor in a suitable warm up and cool down session to prepare your both for both exercise and recovery to aid your performance and recovery time. Good luck!

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