The Latest and Greatest Fitness Trends in 2021

Posted July 27, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Lockdowns imposed during the pandemic have had a major impact on our health and the way we work out. With people being forced to stay at home and having no access to gyms or parks, the fitness landscape has changed significantly. Traditional gym-goers are utilising technology to continue with their fitness routines while gym owners are paying special attention to sanitization.

So, in this article, we will take a look at some of the trends that are influencing the fitness enthusiasts in 2021:

1. Indoor Exercising

As the state of fear and uncertainty persists through 2021, most people are expected to prefer indoor exercising, even when many countries have allowed gyms to be reopened.

According to a recent survey conducted by OnePoll, out of 2,000 participants, 75% stated that staying fit at home is much easier. On the other hand, nearly 64% of respondents expressed a greater interest in at-home exercising than they had in the past.

All these statistics make one thing very clear, that is, the indoor or at-home exercising trend is here to stay.

2. Virtual Training Programmes

Just like our offices and schools, the coronavirus pandemic has pushed our fitness training programmes onto the digital wagon as well. As gyms and fitness studios stay closed in the major parts of the world, many fitness companies have started offering virtual training programmes. While some instructors provide virtual training as subscription-based services, one can easily find many exercise classes being aired on TV as well. For example, Sit and Be Fit programmes.

These programmes allow people to work out with industry professionals from the comfort and safety of their homes. Plus, it also gives them the freedom to work out anytime they want. 

By looking at these benefits it is easy to tell that this trend is in the game for the long run.

3. Keeping Our Seniors Fit

In the pre-pandemic world, terms like fitness and workout were related only to youngsters. However, the pandemic made us realise that keeping our senior citizens fit and healthy is equally important. As a result, there are now many online fitness training programmes or seniors’ exercise DVDs available to help senior citizens exercise at their own pace, without risking their health.

4. Growth of Wellness Apps and Other Modern Means

This, too, is a result of lockdowns and social distancing. As more people choose to stay at home and do indoor exercising, the market is witnessing a sharp rise in the no. of wellness or self-help fitness apps. Many instructors are also choosing modern means such as social media platforms to connect with their customers.

You can also find a lot of free videos and tutorials on YouTube.

5. High Hygiene Standards for Gyms and Fitness Studios

Well, this one is true for almost every industry. Since the outbreak of this deadly virus, people have started to realise the importance of maintaining proper hygiene. As a result, gym owners will have to maintain high hygiene standards. From general mopping to regular sanitization of doorknobs, machines, and all other touchpoints, gyms should not take care of it all. This trend will surely continue to grow in future.

With every aspect of our personal and social life, the Coronavirus pandemic has also changed the way we work out. Since this crisis does not seem to end anytime soon, industry experts are expecting many new fitness trends to surface in the coming future, as well.

However, seeing how well it has adopted the above-mentioned trends, it is fair to say that the fitness industry is resilient enough to deal with it all.

*Photos by Los Muertos Crew