The Latest Jewelry Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

Posted April 27, 2020 by in Fashion
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Summer is right around the corner and with the entire country social distancing, it’s arrival is more anticipated than ever. With the change of season comes new fashion and jewelry trends to upgrade our wardrobe!

We all know with the perfect jewelry pulls your entire outfit together. Whatever your style is there’s sure to be an accessory that attracts your interest.

If you’ve been keeping up with the runways you know that designers have used the late ’90s as inspiration. Incorporating styles like chunky gems, oversized statements pieces, and layered chain links in their 2020 summer looks. 

Even if you love fashion it can be hard to keep up with every new trend, that’s why we’ve rounded up the latest unique jewelry trends that everyone will be wearing this summer season!

Statement Chokers 

This trend has been seen all over the summer and fall 2020 runways. Whether you choose a large statement piece or layer 2 or 3 thinner chokers on top of each other you’ll add an edgy tone to any outfit. 

Score a statement choker to pair with your favorite sundress or tube top to create your newest go-to summer look. 

woman wearing a statement choker

Statement Earrings 

Earrings have always been huge in the accessory world because of their diverse variety. We watched designers like Prada and Oscar De La Renta send models down the runway adorned in oversized seashell earrings. 

This style used to be confined to the beaches but now, the style has been elevated. Adding a pair of seashell earrings (large or dainty) is an easy way to create a polished and cultivated layer to any outfit. 

Though, as we said earlier, earrings have always been a constant jewelry trend because of their diverse variety. Another late ’90s trend that’s seemed to inspire luxury designers lately is the single earring. 

This trend seemed to be spotted everywhere from Prabal Gurung to Marc Jacobs runways, models could be seen sporting the asymmetrical look. To integrate this trend in your wardrobe, just find a pair of statement earrings and ditch one!

You can find statement pieces like these earrings online!

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Chain Links

Chain link jewelry has been in the fashion circuit for a while now but the trends really seemed to peak on the spring/summer 2020 runway. This is another trend loved for its versatility!

Runway models can be seen sporting every style of chain from bold, and chunky to dainty and layered. Between necklaces, bracelets, and belts the range of design is boundless. 

Chain links are a great way to add a bit of personal flair to any outfit. Either create a messy layered look for an edgy, casual layer or choose a thick statement piece to elevate the outfit. 

Whatever you decide chains easily make your outfit look like an intentional design when you really just added a few simple accessories! 

layered necklaces

Bold Bracelets 

In the past, we’ve seen delicate bracelets and ankle take the spotlight but 2020 is going in a completely different direction, entirely. Chunky, bold bracelets have been seen walking down runways and red carpets this season!

Celebrities seem to be obsessed with orbs lately, wearing huge, orb-shaped cuffs with a simple dress to create contrast within their look.

Designers like Valentino and Balmain have embellished models in large, ornate cuffs before sending them down the runway. The simple key to achieving this look is to pair dramatic pieces with simple outfits.

You want to create a contrast that will help your accessories become the focal point of your look. For example, pairing a large orb bracelet with a simple black dress and black gloves easily creates an elegant, red-carpet-ready outfit. 

bold bracelets


Pearls are making a big come back this season because of their simplicity. This makes them easy to pair with both outfits and other accessories. This classic element has been seen in almost every jewelry category on the runway.

From simple stud earrings to dangly statement earrings, to necklaces, and even headdresses! Use the runway as inspiration to experiment with this iconic material.

Whether you decide to incorporate pearls in a simple, everyday style such as dainty earrings or you decide for a more abstract look like an oversized pearl choker- the trend is an easy way to add a classic edge to any outfit. 

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Rainbow Baubles 

Designers have left the gold and silver for winter and have been incorporating more rainbow jewelry within their designs! What more screams summer than an array of bright, beautiful colors? 

This season is about having fun with your accessories and looks! We’ve seen models toting colorful jewelry like the bright, beaded floral pieces worn in the Ulla Johnson fashion show. You’re not limited to only colorful earrings though! 

Rainbow baubles like chic rings and colorful bracelets have been seen stacked upon celebrities and models alike. Coordinate your colorful jewelry throughout your outfit to create an eye-catching charm. 

This trend has even lead to colorful manicures and pedicures! You don’t have to just stick to one color any more, alternate a few colors you like to add another interesting layer to your look!

rainbow earrings

Now that you have the unique 2020 summer jewelry trends in mind, picking out accessories that match your personal style should be a little easier.

Whether you keep it simple or go all out with bold, chunky statement pieces you’re guaranteed to create some beautiful looks. Remember the most important part of accessorizing is experimenting and having fun! 

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