The Latest Trends In Ear And Nose Piercings

Posted July 29, 2020 by in Fashion
septum piercing

It is estimated that 10% of the population has a body piercing. However this statistic is a lot higher for women, who are more likely to get their ears and noses pierced. 80% of people that get a piercing are in the 18-34 age group, many taking inspiration from the new trends that are sweeping America. It’s not all about being bold or risque either: many of the piercing trends are beautifully delicate.

If you’re curious about the latest piercing trends, read on:

Multiple Ear Piercings

Decking out your ears with multiple piercings has become extremely popular, thanks to the Instagram accounts of some of the big piercing studios in L.A. and New York. If you’re concerned about pain, then stacking is on trend. You are simply placing further smaller piercings above each other in the ear lobe. Studs should be delicate, as the space is limited.

Multiple earrings are also on trend in the Helix, Conch and Tragus. Applying a numbing cream helps when getting these areas of the ear pierced, and most artists allow you to bring your own, as well as having some in stock. These creams will anesthetize the ears so that you won’t feel the piercing being done.

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Septum Piercing

Septum piercing through the middle of the nose was commonly found in warrior tribes, and also originates from India. It is a symbol of strength, and has become extremely popular for women.

There is a new trend for septum piercing, and you can see plenty of mainstream celebrities sporting septum jewelry, including Rihanna, Chloë Grace Moritz, Willow Smith and Zoë Kravitz. When it comes to rings, a bit of bling is always good.

septum piercing inspiration

Bridge Piercing

When you have the bridge of your nose pierced, it only goes through the skin, so the healing time is pretty quick. It is also known as Erl Piercing, after Erl Van Aken, who was the first person to get this type of piercing. A barbell is commonly used, either plain or decorative (especially if you’re Lady Gaga).

The Erl piercing is not for everybody however, as it can be rejected if it is not done properly or looked after. Your body will sense that something is not right and push the barbell out of the body. All the more reasons to take good care of your piercings when you first get them done.

bridge piercing

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People have been piercing their bodies for thousands of years. Many of the new trends take inspiration from strong, warrior women, and can lend your look a new dimension.

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