The Latest Women’s Fashion Trends to Try in 2022

Posted February 2, 2022 by in Fashion
Woman in White Blazer with Orange Sunglasses

The fashion industry is notorious for changing up quickly. By the time a trend hits your local clothing store, it’s outdated and out of fashion.

However, staying on top of up-and-coming trends is a great way to stay chic and fashionable. However, it can be overwhelming to sift through everything on the runway.

If you’re not sure what women’s fashion trends you should keep an eye on for this upcoming year, be sure to keep reading. 


In both the fashion and beauty industry, Y2K-inspired looks are coming back like crazy! From makeup and jewelry to shoes and tops, you’ll feel like you’re in your childhood bedroom listening to Britney and messaging your BFFs.

If you donated all of your old clothes from fifteen years ago, don’t worry – there are plenty of designers releasing babydoll tees and bootcut jeans.

You can also use jewelry to give your emf shielding clothing a fun and unique touch. Beaded jewelry and velvet purses can elevate your outfit. 

Gen Z in y2k fashion


What started out as bodysuits quickly turned into jumpsuits, and now we’ve landed at the catsuit! This modern and sleek garment has been taking the fashion industry by storm lately.

Popularized by trendy influencers, these one-pieces are super easy to wear. They’re bold on their own, meaning you can go sans accessories. Plus, you can dress them up with heels or go casual with your favorite sneakers. 


While tweed and elbow patches may be a snoozefest for some, revitalizing the traditional academia aesthetic has become super popular over the past few years.

Characterized by smart trousers, blazers, button-ups, and collars, this look is great for a workday or trip to your local museum. Also, neutral colors and patterns like plaid and houndstooth are key elements to pulling this look off.

Bright and Bold

From fun bright colors to loud logos, the trend of “cottage-core” neutrals is slowly fading in the distance. As many designers splash logos over catsuits, you can expect to see many standing out from the crowd. 

If you’re not used to wearing loud clothing, pairing them with neutrals is a great way to ease into it. Similarly, you can opt for a fun purse or bold shoes to help you make the transition smoother. 

Creative Cutouts

Though we saw the cold shoulder trend take the apparel industry by storm in the 2010s, these cutouts have graduated from shy shoulders to showing more skin. 

From cutout jackets that create visual interest to high-waisted pants with slits up the side, these details can help make your outfit look high-fashion. If you’re nervous about trying a sexy slit dress, there are more subtle options.

 Whether you’re a die-hard fashionista or you’re trying to pay closer attention to popular fashion styles, it can be a challenge to stay up to date with clothing.

Remember, wearing popular trends isn’t necessary to make you feel and look good. Wearing what makes you comfortable and confident is key!

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